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Vatel, Recipe Vendor



A Stranger merchant in the Bazaar district of Haven. This vendor offers a list of low-level (1-2*) recipes, which are randomized per player every day at midnight PST, as well as items that allow Knights to change their Personal Color, Eyes, and Height.


Vatel's selection of wares will always contain every Personal Color-changing item, Normal, Short and Tall Height Mods, Normal, Almond, Happy and Determined eyes (50,000 crowns each). Vatel will also sell low level Rarity items:

Item Crowns

Cracked Fire Crystal (5)


Dim Fire Crystal (5)


Vatel will also always supply pack material variants, which are used for the Prestige mission "Supply Delivery" and appear in the material tab of the arsenal:

Material Crowns
Compact Supply Pack 1,000
Standard Supply Pack 2,500
Deluxe Supply Pack 6,250

Vatel will also sell a random selection from the following recipes each day:

Recipe Crowns
Autogun Recipe 1,000
Big Beast Basher Recipe 250
Blast Bomb Recipe 1,000
Bolted Blade Recipe 250
Brandish Recipe 1,000
Circuit Breaker Armor Recipe 250
Circuit Breaker Helm Recipe 250
Circuit Breaker Shield Recipe 250
Cold Snap Recipe 250
Cryotech Alchemer Recipe 1,000
Crystal Bomb Recipe 1,000
Cutter Recipe 1,000
Emberbreak Armor Recipe 250
Emberbreak Helm Recipe 250
Emberbreak Shield Recipe 250
Fiery Vaporizer Recipe 1,000
Firecracker Recipe 250
Firebreak Armor Recipe 1,000
Firebreak Helm Recipe 1,000
Firebreak Shield Recipe 1,000
Firotech Alchemer Recipe 1,000
Flourish Recipe 1,000
Force Buckler Recipe 250
Freezing Vaporizer Recipe 1,000
Frost Gun Recipe 250
Frostbreaker Armor Recipe 250
Frostbreaker Helm Recipe 250
Frostbreaker Shield Recipe 250
Haze Bomb Recipe 1,000
Heavy Hatchet Recipe 250
Hot Edge Recipe 250
Icebreaker Armor Recipe 1,000
Icebreaker Helm Recipe 1,000
Icebreaker Shield Recipe 1,000
Jelly Helm Recipe 1,000
Jelly Mail Recipe 1,000
Jelly Shield Recipe 1,000
Magic Cloak Recipe 1,000
Magic Hood Recipe 1,000
Owlite Shield Recipe 1,000
Plate Shield Recipe 1,000
Prismatech Alchemer Recipe 1,000
Pummel Gun Recipe 250
Rugged Robo Wrecker Recipe 250
Scale Shield Recipe 250
Searing Edge Recipe 1,000
Shadowtech Alchemer Recipe 1,000
Shocking Edge Recipe 1,000
Skelly Mask Recipe 1,000
Skelly Shield Recipe 1,000
Skelly Suit Recipe 1,000
Spiral Demo Helm Recipe 1,000
Spiral Demo Suit Recipe 1,000
Spiral Plate Helm Recipe 1,000
Spiral Plate Mail Recipe 1,000
Spiral Scale Helm Recipe 250
Spiral Scale Mail Recipe 250
Spur Recipe 1,000
Static Edge Recipe 250
Super Slime Slasher Recipe 250
Super Stun Gun Recipe 250
Thwack Hammer Recipe 250
Toxic Vaporizer Recipe 1,000
Troika Recipe 1,000
Vitasuit Plus Recipe 1,000
Voltech Alchemer Recipe 1,000
Volt Breaker Armor Recipe 1,000
Volt Breaker Helm Recipe 1,000
Volt Breaker Shield Recipe 1,000
Wolver Cap Recipe 1,000
Wolver Coat Recipe 1,000
Wrench Wand Recipe 1,000
Zapper Recipe 250

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  • As of July 23rd, 2011, Vatel was moved right of the entrance to Arcade in the Bazaar. This was due to the fact that Punch and Vise destroyed Vatel's old shop (or, as Nick puts it, "were simply in it when it exploded") and moved in to the ruins to set up their own shop.
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