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File:Mecha Turret T1.png
An Energy Turret firing its laser beam.

A Mecha Turret is a type of stationary machine players can encounter while exploring the Clockworks.



An active Mecha Turret will rotate in place, automatically targeting anything within its range and firing a blue laser beam. Before firing, the turret will lock on and vibrate, charging up a beam shot. The beam inflicts piercing damage and has a knock back effect, pushing targets away. After firing its laser, it contracts until it can fire again. A row of lights on top turn on one after another, then the turret pops back up again and resumes rotating. This results in a slow, mostly defensive machine.

Turrets can be inflicted with status. If in a vulnerable location, Turrets can receive damage. With enough damage they will disappear.



Mecha Turret

Light blue turrets are found in several Rank Missions (especially rank mission arena segments) and the Event Mission: Save Winterfest!. Inactive Mecha Turrets are seen in the Rescue Camp. They remain off until the player completes the 1-2 Mission: The Ancient Generator.

Purple turrets are seen in Expansion Mission: Operation Crimson Hammer and rarely in Deconstruction Zone segments.

Energy Mecha Turret

Two red turrets are found in Aurora Isles: The Jelly Farm II. Each requires 5 energy to activate. The number "5" will pop up as the player draws close enough, prompting the energy option.
The topic of this article or section is subject to personal opinion, and does not represent any one absolute truth. If you disagree, discuss your concerns on the the talk page before editing.: The benefits of activating Energy Mecha Turrets are not worth 5 energy. Players usually only activate these "for fun."

Auto Turret

The Auto Turret Kit pickup summons a temporary Turret. Once deployed, the turret has the same appearance as the light blue Mecha Turret. They will last ??? seconds (a long time). Once damaged they will not be able to turn. After taking enough damage they will disappear.

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