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The topic of this article or section is part of Winterfest.
As such, the content described below is only available during the event.

Save Winterfest! is an event-exclusive Prestige Mission.



Save Winterfest on the Mission Interface.



It is during each and every Winterfest, that a faction of green-furred gremlins make quite a mess, in the town of Emberlight. These 'grinchlins' as they are called, stop at nothing until they've hauled, each and every present from the town of Emberlight. And so Impostoclaus has asked the Spiral Knights, to take up their arms and fight, the monsters that threaten the town of Emberlight. So grab a present and answer his call! Ensure that a merry Winterfest is had by all, in the town of Emberlight.


Help Impostoclaus deliver presents to the orphans of Emberlight.

  • The Tier 1 mission lasts for 6 minutes.
  • The Tier 2 mission lasts for 8 minutes.
  • The Tier 3 mission lasts for 10 minutes.


Alleys of Emberlight

The presents available are small green presents, and huge red presents. The green presents provide 1 token each, and the red present provides 3 tokens each. When carried, the red presents cause an Attack Speed Decrease: Maximum and Movement Speed decreased: Maximum debuff.



This mission is only available during Winterfest.

Unlike most missions, this contains a single timed level where a party of 1-4 knights must help carry presents for the children in the back alley of Emberlight.

Grinchlin Stalkers (only Tier 3) have a rare chance of dropping a Humbug Hat costume.

Knights must carry the presents from one end of the map (from infinite piles) to the other (where the orphans are) in order to receive Winter Wish tokens, which can be traded for various items. A midway present pile can be unlocked if keys are found. Whether or not the squad decides to invest in this second pile is up to the squad's strategy.

Along the way lots of monsters such as Layoafers and Humbugs harass the player. A mysterious group of Gremlins called 'Grinchlins' have planned to rob the orphans of Emberlight of their presents and destroy Impostoclaus. These Grinchlins constantly try to attack Impostoclaus.

There are two map variations of this level with the same name. The first map is full of ice traps, more monsters and less Grinchlins. The other map has fire traps, more Grinchlins, and a Slush Puppy respawn.

Known Bugs

If Impostoclaus dies as the knights finish their mission (the screen where it shows Impostolaus celebrating), the knights will be stuck on a report screen, and have to log out in order to fix it.


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Strategy varies from player to player and from team to team. It is ideal to get a team together to spam runs with a single consistent strategy, so you're not all hitting switches over and over and hindering present delivery. Communication is a huge part of this mission's success.

Beware the Kleptolisks! These thieves can steal presents (that the player carries) with their tongues and swallow them quickly. You'll have to go and grab another present from the pile if this happens.

Don't forget to give some cookies and milk to Impostoclaus from time to time. If Impostoclaus loses all his health due to Grinchlin attacks, the player will fail the mission.

The Mecha Turret localized in the other side of the map is really useful to distract other monsters (especially Layoafers) that are near of the exit.

Try not to waste time defeating monsters. Carry as many presents as you can, since Winter Wish tokens are granted per delivered present.

Movement Speed boosters such as the Swift Steps battle sprite Perk, Mercurial Demo, or Mercurial (slime) gear can aid in speedier present delivery. Balance defenses and offenses with these boosts to get through the obstacles as efficiently as you can.

Freeze Trap obstacles can be rendered completely ineffective in Tier 1 if the player has high enough Freeze resistance. This can aid in speedier present delivery.

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