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Vise, The Unbinding Smith



Vise is a Gremlin Unbinding Smith in the Bazaar district of Haven.

Vise provides a special service to knights, allowing them to unbind any equipment 1-star or greater that is not costume gear.


Vise allows knights to unbind equipment and armor in exchange for energy. Zero star items may not be unbound. The appropriate ticket will automatically be selected once the knight picks the item they want to unbind.

Item Energy
Unbind 1 Star Ticket 100
Unbind 2 Star Ticket 200
Unbind 3 Star Ticket 600
Unbind 4 Star Ticket 1800
Unbind 5 Star Ticket 4000

Note: Unbinding equipment will remove all heat from that piece of equipment, resetting it to level 1.


  • Punch and Vise arrived along with the following disclaimer from Nick Popovich: "Punch and Vise wanted me to state for the record that they did not 'blow up' Vatel's recipe shop, but rather that it 'exploded while they were inside it.'"
  • In the Operation Crimson Hammer lobby, Vise reveals that he knew Warmaster Seerus and had a history with him.
  • Vise appears to have a Scottish accent.

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