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'Creating a legacy'

Guild Founder: Dismanteler
Approx. Population: 51

Aristocratic Info

Aristocrats are a friendly, peaceful guild. We are always accepting new players, so don't hesitate to ask to join!

Skilled knights in our guild

  • Ssal- A knight useful on your side, and a danger against you- he can solo the entire Clockworks.

Members of the guild

How to join

If you wish to join, don't worry, thinking, "How am I going to get in contact?" Just simply mail or tell anyone on the list of members (Dismanteler is often online and can invite you.) If the player you contacted is not one of our guild masters or officers, they will pass on the messaage. Ssal and Rqewefdafn are often online too if you would like to contact them instead.

Guild Activities

Once we have got kick-started and sorted out, (we are a new guild, and aren't properly sorted out yet,) we will be doing regular guild activities. There will be a range of things going on from quizzes in the guildhall to raiding the Clockworks. They are listed here:

  • Guild raids: This will involve going into the clockworks and battling monster in levels from regular levels to boss levels. (You can still go out with players not from Aristocrats, like friends!) We will be:
  • Making money: Going on raids that will make a respectable pile of dosh.
  • Training: Doing basic and advanced battle training, supervised by the officers or Guild masters or both. We will be learning what types of monsters are weak, strong, and what damage type they deal, helping you to surive for longer. We will also be teaching different PVE classes, such as Sword-mastering, Gunslinging, and using multiple classes, AKA being a hybrid. You will learn different techniques against monsters, for example: when fighting a Trojan, as he slices at you, dodge, go behind him and attack him. Repeat the method until you destroy it's crystal.
  • Promotion Exams: If you want to be promoted, it will involve joining the Guild master ONLY on a test raid unless the Guild master gives permission for an Officer to host the test. He will be tested on his knowledge and skills, like what armor to equip for a Wolver themed level, and what strategies to use against them.

In the GuildHall, quizzes on stuff in Spiral Knights will also be held. The winner will get a prize, like Crowns or Materials. The subjects are:

  • Bosses
  • Stuff that is in some way related to Spiral Knights
  • Questions mean nothing, AKA 2+2
  • Materials and their uses
  • All of the above

Naming competitions

The host shows the competitors an item. They have to name it first (inspecting the host is NOT permitted!) and the winner will receive 50 crowns from each player. After 5 rounds, the person who wins the most rounds will receive another 100 crowns from each player. Simple!

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