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The icon used for crowns.

A crown is the basic unit of money used throughout Cradle. Crowns can be obtained during adventuring (drops), as rewards for winning PVP matches, and via trading or selling. Crowns are collected simply by walking over or near them. The number of crowns a knight has is displayed on the bottom left side of the HUD when the arsenal is open.

"Crown" is typically shortened to "cr".

Uses of Crowns

The amount of current crowns is shown under the arsenal window.

Crowns are used to make purchases and pay for services.

Used for purchasing:

To pay fees for:

Finding Crowns

Crowns can be found scattered throughout the Clockworks, either loose, hidden inside treasure boxes, dropped from monsters, certain destructible objects, or the prize wheel. Every knight has to pick up their own loot, so make sure you don't miss any.

There are five different denominations of crowns:

Copper Copper-Silver Silver Silver-Gold Gold
Consumable Copper Crown icon.png
Consumable Copper-Silver Crown icon.png
Consumable Silver Crown icon.png
Consumable Silver-Gold Crown icon.png
Consumable Gold Crown icon.png
1 crown 5 crowns 10 crowns 25 crowns 50 crowns

Earning Crowns

As crowns are passed from player to player or used for fees as part of the Spiral Knights economy, players can earn crowns through a number of methods.

  • Crowns can be earned from selling goods such as unbound items and energy. Items from a knight's arsenal can be sold at the Auction House, to vendors or traded directly with other players.
  • Energy can be sold in lots of 100 energy via the Energy Depot for crowns.

Historical Notes

  • The fee for taking an elevator directly to a subtown (if not previously cleared) was removed on release 2013-07-30.
  • As of release 2013-07-30, loot is no longer shared among every knight in the party. However, minerals are still shared among party members.
  • The UI change moved the crown counter from under the minimap to its current position.

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