Captain Ozlo

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NPC: Knight
  • Captain of the Skylark
Primary Location(s):
  • Unknown (only seen in the Prologue).

Ozlo is an NPC.


This character has items most similar to:

Icon-usable.png Determined eyes, Violet personal color

Icon-helmet.png A special helmet that haven't been seen in-game.

Icon-armor.png A special armor that haven't been seen in-game.

Icon-shield.png None.

Icon-sword.png None.


His current whereabouts are unknown. It's possible that he's still alive somewhere in Cradle.

Captain Ozlo is a high-ranking knight and possible leader of the Spiral Order. He is the captain of the Skylark, who's seen seeking an incredible power source to save their homeworld, Isora, in hopes of being able to turn the tide of the Morai Wars(yet to be explained), but, when the Skylark got attacked by unknown firepower to the side, he ordered his crew to launch the escape pods that holds the recruits to Cradle immediately right before the Skylark exploded and crash-landed into Cradle.

Ozlo has been mentioned in passing by Feron, Greta, and Vaelyn as issuing orders via Spiral HQ. Other than the intro sequence, this character is not seen in-game.

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