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Primary, Secondary, Tertiary colors

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About Categories

  • This category is "special" because it uses a numeric ordering system to help players find items easily. Most categories are not organized this way.
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  • Italicized links indicate pages that are redirected, likely to a list page with similar items.


Items in this category are themed and/or directly styled with the "Citrine" color pattern. This color pattern is in the "Recolor" color pattern group.

This color pattern was advocated with this announcement 04 November 2015.

The Usable-Citrine Prize Box icon.png Citrine Prize Box is directly associated with this color pattern. The Chapeau of the Citrine Rose and Tabard of the Citrine Rose do not follow this color pattern. This shared name phenomenon has occurred before with Ancient-Themed items and previously existing gear such as the Ancient Plate Mail.

This color pattern is associated with the following special effect(s):


The following chart clarifies the special category organization of the pages listed below.

Item Organized With Icon
Accessory images
Costume (helmet) 1
Costume (armor) 2
Helmet 3
Armor 4
Shield 5
Bomb 6
Handgun 7
Sword 8
Battle sprite 9
Icon-battle sprite.png
Misc M
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