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Items in this category are themed and/or directly styled with the "ShadowTech Green" color pattern. This color pattern is in the "Recolor" color pattern group.

This color pattern was introduced on
11 December 2019

The Usable-ShadowTech Prize Box icon.png ShadowTech Prize Box is directly associated with this color pattern.

Other closely related color patterns are: ShadowTech Blue, ShadowTech Orange and ShadowTech Pink.

The following chart clarifies the special category organization of the pages listed below.

Item Organized With Icon
Accessory images
Costume (helmet) 1
Costume (armor) 2
Helmet 3
Armor 4
Shield 5
Bomb 6
Handgun 7
Sword 8
Battle sprite 9
Icon-battle sprite.png
Misc M
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