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  • Charge Attack normal icon.png Attack shadow icon.png
  • Goo Grenades Attack normal icon.png
  • Explosion Attack normal icon.png Attack elemental icon.png
  • Shock Oil Attack elemental icon.png Icon status shock.png (Only in Mission 10-1)
Weak to
  • Attack elemental icon.png Elemental damage
Resistant to
  • Attack piercing icon.png Piercing damage

"The Collector is complicated. It collects battle sprites, but lately it's been thinking about adding knights to its collection. Knights like you."

The Collector is a large construct created by Gremlins. It collects and imprisons Battle Sprites that have fallen into the Clockworks.


A few things are known about the Collector, it resides in the Camp Crimson with other Construct monsters like Mecha Knights and Scuttlebots. It was intercepting knights and stealing Battle Sprites into a well-guarded compound deep within the Clockworks, probably awaiting new orders from Gremlins.

Another Collector appears very late in the game in the third level of 10-1 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: Breaking in the Recruits.



  • In 2-3 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: The Collector: It has very high defense, but briefly lowers its guard when stunned by its own explosion ability. Use this as an opportunity to strike. It will start off the battle using Goo Grenades, then switch attacks each time it uses its explosion ability. When it loses one third of its health, 3 retrodes will appear to support it and 2 red searchlights will turn on. When it loses two thirds of its health, 2 gun puppies will appear and 2 more red searchlights will activate. Supporting enemies will give no drops when defeated and are destroyed when the Collector goes down, so there's little point in fighting them unless you're having trouble dodging their attacks.
  • In 10-1 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: Breaking in the Recruits, it can spit Shock oils when it walks and has a lot more health.

After being dealt enough damage the Collector will be defeated. It is a single phase mini-boss.


  • The Collector is, for the moment, regardless of weaknesses, resistances, defense and attacks, the only boss that consists of only one phase and least little health, making it the easiest boss in comparison, (besides the Ironwood Sentinel).

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