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A Consumable is an item that can be found in the Clockworks. Walking near one will immediately acquire it.

Consumables are never collected in the player's inventory or arsenal, but rather are absorbed as part of the knight.


Vitapods as drops on the ground.
  • Heart - A heart will restore a number of units of the player's health, depending on the size of the heart. Note that hearts will despawn in 120 seconds if not picked up.
  • Vitapod - A vitapod will extend the player's maximum health by the number of units labelled on the pod. They disappear upon leaving the party or completing the expedition.

A vitapod will not be acquired if it is of a lower health value than the vitapod the player currently has.

Hearts will not be acquired if the player's knight is at full health; however, the knight will pick up a large heart even if fewer than three pips of damage have been sustained.


Crowns are one of the in game currencies.

Crown's value
Copper Copper-Silver Silver Silver-Gold Gold
Consumable Copper Crown icon.png
Consumable Copper-Silver Crown icon.png
Consumable Silver Crown icon.png
Consumable Silver-Gold Crown icon.png
Consumable Gold Crown icon.png
1 crown 5 crowns 10 crowns 25 crowns 50 crowns


Small, medium and large embers.

Heat is used for leveling equipment.

  • Small Ember - Grants a small amount of heat.
  • Medium Ember - Grants a moderate amount of heat.
  • Large Ember - Grants a large amount of heat.

Ability Boosters

Two boosts at the same time: movement speed and damage (attack).

Ability Boosters are uncommon drops which temporarily increase the player's abilities. They last for 30 seconds. Same-type abilities cannot be stacked in intensity - picking up an Ability Booster while already boosted will reset the boost's timer to 30 seconds. However, you still can pick up different kinds of boosters at the same time. Some battle sprite abilities will grant similar boosts (different duration), even using the same icons in the HUD.

Attack Booster
Buff Attack icon.png

Increases the Damage you inflict for 30 seconds.

Defense Booster
Buff Defense icon.png

Increases your Defense for 30 seconds.

Speed Booster
Buff Movement Speed icon.png

Increases your Movement Speed for 30 seconds.

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