Dark City

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Dark City
Gate-Dark City.png
Important stratum themes:
  • City Rubble Rumble
  • Crash Course
  • Navigating the Dark City

Arcade only:

The Dark City is a region. Regions categorize levels with similar characteristics that have been incorporated into the Clockworks.


This once bustling city from an advanced world is now home to innumerable fiends from the Underworld. Under the light of the moon they burn their dark sigils into the ground, summoning more of their cohorts for reasons yet unknown. — Gate Icons


Each level map is fixed.

When accessible via the arcade, they are found in a rotation of 1-3 levels in the depth they occupy depending on the level. Rotation time seems to always be 3 minutes or less:

  • Ritual Road levels are always found in a rotation of 3 with the other Ritual Roads.
  • Sinful Steps levels are always found in a rotation of 2 with each other.
  • Plazamonium is always the only level in the depth it occupies.
  • Stygian Steeds is exclusive to Tier 3 and is always the only level in the depth it occupies.

Compared to other regions, Dark City levels are an uncommon sight in arcade gates. If space permits, the levels tend to group together down through three depths, visually forming an inverted pyramid.

Levels are populated by multitudes of Devilites and Spookats. A few Trojans appear in Plazamonium and Stygian Steeds levels.

The background is a starry night sky dome with moon bulbs.

Similar urban terrain can be seen in the Concrete Jungle and Devilish Drudgery.


There is usually a vitapod hidden behind blocks next to a building somewhere in Ritual Road levels.


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