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Merchant Features Update

From the Release Notes:

An update will be released today that includes the following:

Punch and Vise

Punch and Vise, two gremlin outcasts from Emberlight, have set up shop in the Haven Bazaar. Using very dangerous looking equipment, they provide the services unbinding items and adding unique variants to items.

  • Punch can add one, two or three random unique variants to items in exchange for crowns.
  • Punch's UV service erases any of the previous UVs on the item.
  • Vise can unbind an item in exchange for energy.
  • 0 star and starless items (costumes) cannot be unbound.


  • Crafted items may now randomly obtain up to three unique variants. However, obtaining three UVs via crafting is exceptionally rare.
  • During crafting, if the option to retain existing UVs is selected, the item will have no chance of gaining 'extra' UVs. For example, an item that has a single UV that is preserved during crafting has no chance of retaining the existing UV plus gaining more.

Item Previews

  • Vendor catalogs now have a Preview button which allows you to select vendor items and recipes and see what they look like on your knight.

Steam conversion

  • New knights created on Preview Event accounts converted to Steam will receive their Preview Event items.


  • Improved performance for low graphic settings.
  • Alpha maps on all armor materials have been smoothed out.
  • Fix to laser visuals for users in Compatibility Mode.
  • Sharpened the knights' eye texture.
  • Knights will now blink on high detail. Dry, irritated eyes no more!


  • Rebalanced the following levels to only have monsters of specific themes appropriate for their level set.
    • Concrete Jungle | Blight Boulevard
    • Concrete Jungle | Blight Boulevard 2
    • Concrete Jungle | Totem Trouble
    • Concrete Jungle | Totem Trouble 2
    • Concrete Jungle | Briar Bone Barrage
    • Dark City | Sinful Steps 2
    • Dark City | Plazamonium
    • Jigsaw Valley | Emerald Axis
    • Jigsaw Valley | Emerald Axis 2
    • Jigsaw Valley | Perimeter Promenade
    • Jigsaw Valley | Perimeter Promenade 2
    • Jigsaw Valley | Jade Tangle
    • Jigsaw Valley | Jade Tangle 2
  • Cleaned up bramble in several levels to make it easier to spot and avoid.


  • Fixed an issue with the Kilowatt Pulsar series not consistently causing proper damage type.
  • Player paperdoll model no longer clips through lighting effects.
  • Fixed an issue where party platforms could be triggered prematurely when a player disconnects.
  • Fixed a bug where battle music wouldn't stop playing in a devilish drudgery room.
  • The floor icon for Royal Jelly Palace | Battle Royale is now the correct icon.
  • Fixed a bug in Firestorm Citadel | Ashen Armory where a party was able to open both sides of the path split.
  • Fixed a bug in Ironclaw Munitions Factory | Abandoned Assembly where the door after the shock bridge wouldn't open.
  • Fixed a bug where players were getting stuck in the final encounter in Ironclaw Munitions Factory | Warfare Workshop.
  • Fixed a bug where unique variant defense type and status bonuses were being doubled in some cases.
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