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This category includes places such as "Aurora Isles", "Wolver Den", and so on that categorize, relate, consist of, and/or "encompass" levels with similar topography. Many regions also have special descriptions that can be viewed by mousehovering over gate icons. Mousehovering also reveals the region of a level for most icons. Loading screens often display Region: Level names as well.

Some logic: A "region" can be equated to a "country" or a "world", while a "level" can be equated to a "state" or a "city" of that "country" or "world."

Players only have access to parts (levels) of known regions as the Clockworks moves them around. The total size of a region is unknown - the levels available are certainly chunks of a region that have been incorporated for unknown reasons into the Clockworks, but there is likely much more to a region, similar to how there is much more to the surface of Cradle than Haven. Thus there will always be places to discover, or link together as more information is revealed. To clarify, there are many levels that do not seem to be part of any known region that are only accessed via missions. Notable examples are the levels of the colloquially named Compact Area region and Complex 357 level.

Rarely, a much larger origin is implied. This is the case with levels of the Firestorm Citadel region, which were all part of Almire. Almire was one of three kingdoms, as such, Almire was likely a constituent of an even larger "world" or "dimension." The origins of Almire are mostly unknown. Discovering information about the Citadel is a major goal of Spiral HQ later in the game.

This in-game loading tip explains how levels, regions (worlds), and the Clockworks are related.

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