Energetic Knight

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Energetic Knight
Energetic Knight-Mugshot.png
NPC: Knight
  • Informant
Primary Location(s):

Energetic Knight is an NPC.


This character has items most similar to:

Icon-usable.png Eyes and Personal Color are not discernible.

Icon-helmet.png Spiral Pith Helm

Icon-armor.png Solid Cobalt Armor

Icon-shield.png None

Icon-sword.png None


This type of character has been in the game since ???.

An Energetic Knight's purpose is to inform the player about energy. They can be found in several locations around Haven.

They still wear some of the old NPC equipment that was used before release 2012-01-30. They seem to wear an old Pith Helm model, because their eyes are not visible. The Spiral Pith Helm was changed to show eyes with release 2012-09-05.



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