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The energy meter is on the lower right-hand corner of your arsenal.

Energy is a special power source that is constantly emanating from the core of the world. It is totally stable and will never be lost unless traded or spent. A knight can see how much energy they have on the energy module in their arsenal. Energy can be used for a variety of things: orbs for crafting, evo catalysts for battle sprites, to activate devices found in the world, to buy Sparks of Life to revive, to purchase special items for your knight in the Supply Depot or to create a guild.

Energy is purchased with real money from Three Rings, or it can be traded in exchange of crowns from other Spiral Knights players via the Energy Depot. This is a player run economy and the trade values are constantly changing. To purchase or trade for energy, simply open the Supply Depot and click the 'Get Energy' button, or visit a Stranger who sells energy. Energy can also be traded between players using the trade interface.

Uses of Energy

The main place where a knight uses energy is the Supply Depot, but there are also a number of other ways throughout Haven and the Clockworks that a knight can spend energy on:

  • Energy Objects: A variety of machines can be encountered in the Clockworks, each one offering a different service or benefit. The required energy to utilize each machine varies and will be displayed at the object. These objects include gun turrets, mecha knights, and other useful emplacements.
    • Energy gates in the Clockworks - 3 energy / gate
    • Danger rooms in the Clockworks - 3 energy / gate
    • Activating friendly Mecha Knights in deconstruction zone levels - 5 energy / knight
    • Activating stationary mecha turrets in some levels - 5 energy / turret
  • Starting a Guild: 500 energy must be expended to start a guild.
  • Unbinding: You can pay energy to Vise to unbind equipment.


Shortly after the Spiral Knights landed upon Cradle, scouting teams reported an intense energy signal coming from the planet's core, and now the knights have been tasked with investigating it in the hopes that this energy can be used to power their ship.

The Clockworks and nearly every machine the knights encounter run on energy, including the Spiral Knights' own power armor. Energy can be stored safely in large amounts in a knight's reserve tank because it does not decay. The Strangers that run Haven mine areas of the Clockworks for it. Like everything in their possession, it is available for sale.

Historical notes

  • Mist energy and crystal energy were merged into the more powerful form of energy known today on release 2013-07-30

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