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Official-Exit Elevator.png The subject of this article is obsolete and no longer present in the game.
Information presented here may no longer apply to the current game. It is retained primarily for historical interest.

What is a Paid Account?

This is an account where the user, at any time during the account's life, decides to purchase Crystal Energy. This can even be the smallest energy package available. Once this purchase is made that account is permanently considered a paid account. An account which has been gifted energy (for instance, in a gifted Starter Pack) is not considered a paid account as it has not made the original purchase.

Please note that the separate knights linked to a single username are not separate accounts. All knights on the same log-on name will always share the same Energy.

Want Crystal Energy Without Spending Money?

Crowns can be traded for Crystal Energy in-game. This is a player run economy and the trade values are constantly changing. See the Energy Depot page for more information on this. Remember that trading Crowns for Crystal Energy does not make your account a paid account, however Crystal Energy is unique to each account even if they are on the same computer.

Energy Usage

Mist Energy is always used first and Crystal Energy second. As a user this is the best scenario since Mist Energy naturally regenerates, Crystal Energy does not. Remember that even if Mist Energy is being shared on a computer Crystal Energy is never shared between accounts.

Sharing Scenarios

The purpose of this section is to educate users as to how the Energy sharing between multiple accounts work. A maximum of three accounts may be created on a single computer. Three accounts will be used as examples:

  • Account A (paid)
  • Account B (free)
  • Account C (free)

One Computer with Free Accounts

This is the most commonly observed scenario when there is a household shared computer. In this case all free accounts used will share Mist Energy as if they are the same person. If you log on at another computer the system will default to the player with the least amount of Energy. For example, if the owner of Account B has played on Computer B goes to play on the Computer of Account C that computer's Mist Energy reserve will default to whatever Account B had left.

One Computer with Paid and Free Accounts

This is the scenario that allows two people to share a computer and not worry about sharing Mist Energy. Account A and Account B can play on the same computer indefinitely and never share Mist Energy. However, if Account C is introduced to the same computer it will share Mist Energy with Account B only.

Two Computers with Free Accounts

Account B and Account C will not share Mist Energy if they are always used on their own distinct computers. It does not matter if these computers are on the same home network. If one account user logs on using the other computer then system will treat it as multiple free accounts on the same computer and follow the outlined example.

Historical notes

Mist energy was removed from the game in release 2013-07-30.

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