March of the Tortodrones (Mission)

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March of the Tortodrones
Mission-March of the Tortodrones.png
Mission List: Prestige (Event)
Important Stratum Themes:
  • Monsters: Gate Icon-Fiend.png Gate Icon-Construct.png
  • Status: No theme, but Icon status shock.png and Icon status stun.png from Tortodrones is problematic

None, though defeated Tortodrones will drop Crafting-Ancient Shell.png Ancient Shells.

March of the Tortodrones is an event-exclusive prestige mission available during March of the Tortodrones.



Pieces of fallen Tortodrones and clusters of Dark Matter have been showing up in the Clockworks, leading Spiral HQ to believe that the Fiends are somehow linked to the disappearance of those once-mythical beings. In order to discover what the Fiends are up to, you will need to find a way to unlock one of their Grim Gates and travel through it. Spiral HQ suspects that the glyphs that the Fiends carry with them might be the keys to opening the gate yourself.


Investigate the Ancient Grove and put a stop to a Fiendish plot.

Gate Map

First Floor:
Gate-Call of the Colossi.png
Name: Ancient Grove
Depth: 0
Level Link: Ancient Grove is a special lobby reminiscent of the Gloaming Wildwoods.

Second Floor:
Gate-Call of the Colossi.png
Name: Call of the Colossi
Depth: Depends on rank
Level Link: Call of the Colossi is unique to this mission.


This mission was introduced 26 February 2014 during the 1st March of the Tortodrones.

Its Gate Map is not displayed in-game. It must be discerned by viewing the friend list.



In general, shadow and shock resistant gear with a high amount of normal will suffice. The tortodrones utilize a variety of attacks that deal different types of damage, and none of them are shadow. But the plethora of fiends all deal normal and shadow damage.


The following consider fiend attacks and tortodrone AoE shocks. For other tortodrone attacks, elemental/normal/piercing UVs are ideal.


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