Ghosts in the Machine/Dry Dock

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Gate-Deconstruction Zone-Circuit Breakers.png
Region: Unique. This level can only be accessed via the Interface-icon-PvE.png Dangerous Mission: Ghosts in the Machine.
Level: Dry Dock
Depth: Depends on rank

Notable Exploration Entities


This level is large and mostly randomly generated, similar to a Deconstruction Zone. It consists of three parts: a constricted initial battle, a large expanse, and a final battle.

The initial battle is divided by a series of barriers and doors. There are numerous shock traps, shock wisps, and Sparky puppies. There is not much room to maneuver, so avoiding the traps and enemies — particularly the Volt Knights — can be difficult. The flow of enemies can be somewhat controlled by opening barriers and gates after immediate threats have been cleared.

Most of the Dry Dock is a randomly generated, vast expanse of dark electronics. Most enemies are constructs. There are scattered piles of dust in front of screen clusters from which Frankenzoms can emerge. There are four Heavy Statues that must be placed on Pressure Pads in order to proceed.

After the four Heavy Statues have been placed on the pads, the final battle of this level remains. There are three waves of constructs and undead. At the beginning of the first and second waves, Grim Totems appear. The third wave features a Static Dreadnaught as well as four Sparky puppies in the four corners.

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