Deconstruction Zone

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Deconstruction Zone
Gate-Deconstruction Zone.png
Gate-Deconstruction Zone-Circuit Breakers.png Circuit Breakers

Gate-Deconstruction Zone-Cold Storage.png Cold Storage

Gate-Deconstruction Zone-Molten Mayhem.png Molten Mayhem

Gate-Deconstruction Zone-Radioactive Recycling.png Radioactive Recycling

Gate-Deconstruction Zone-Savage Salvaging.png Savage Salvaging

It is believed that, similar to the Clockwork Tunnels, the Deconstruction Zone is a behind-the-scenes area of the Clockworks used by Gremlins.


Deconstruction Zones appear as vast open areas populated by Gremlins and Construct monsters, that Knights can face once they step on a party button. Inside these areas are also several locked rooms, the majority of which host small groups of Gremlins and a key that can unlock another room. In the only room that contains treasure boxes there is no key, so if the party wants to kill all the Gremlins, this room must be opened last. Sometimes, instead of a room with treasure boxes, there will be a locked gate blocking the lift, which if you wish to kill all the gremlins, must still be opened last.

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