Golden Slime Coin

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Golden Slime Coin
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The Golden Slime Coin is a starless rarity.


A slippery shekel exuded via protoplasmic alchemy, this coin is usable only at the Golden Slime Casino. — Tooltip


  • Any Monster from the Slime Family and treasure boxes in a Slime Themed Level. All red boxes can drop Golden Slime Coins regardless of location.
  • Smitty for 200 Icon-Crown.png Crowns


This item was introduced
18 May 2016
. It was not directly announced.

It is the first and only rarity able to be acquired from a defeated monster.

Coins showed up in the Featured Auction House 20 May 2016, perhaps to both draw attention to and confirm the official release of the item, which had previously been dubious.

A single Golden Slime Coin is worth 200 crowns, because that is the cost of a single wheel spin.


This rarity is used in the Golden Prize Wheel. Several of these wheels are located in the Golden Slime Casino, a location mentioned in the coin's description.

The Golden Slime Coin can be sold to any vendor for 100 Icon-Crown.png Crowns.

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