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The Supply Depot

The Supply Depot is a place where players can purchase items with energy. This includes gear, some materials, upgrades, and weapons. Players can also access the Energy Depot. The Supply Depot is available to all players as soon as they reach the Rescue Camp (Rank 1-1). It is accessible from the mission interface, the activities panel to the right of the game client, by talking to Kozma, the Spiral Quartermaster, or clicking the K key.

NOTE: Weapons and gear purchased from the Supply Depot are bound on purchase. Some special items may be purchased unbound, so be sure to check the tool-tip before purchasing.


A News image for "Flash Sales."

The "Icon-specials.png specials" section of the Supply Depot displays featured items, some of which might be available for a discounted price. The normal price will be slashed out, with the lower price displayed directly below the normal price. In certain cases these items are not normally be available from the Supply Depot - this is especially true for "Flash Sales." Some items for these sales might not show "discount" behavior - they will not have slashed prices.

"Flash Sales" (or "Sale" for short) are periods of time during which different items are available for purchase - sometimes one at a time, a few, or several at once. These items will show up in the "specials" section of the Supply Depot. Flash Sales usually feature accessories, gear, and various other items which were previously only available via relevant Prize Boxes or other transient events, including previous Flash Sales. Sometimes items are introduced to the game with a Flash Sale, as with the Gatecrasher Helm and many others. Flash Sales can also feature discounts on regularly available items, such as Fire Crystals. In relation to the Flash Sale, each item or group of items is available for purchase for a short period of time, usually a few hours, after which they are removed and other items are put up for sale. The entire Flash Sale occurrence can last a few days. Such timing details, as well as the entire Flash Sale occurrence, are typically announced on the forums like this. These sales are non-promotional and are not directly associated with events.

Due to the very brief nature of these sales, players might lack knowledge of what went on sale when. The Supply Depot Sale page contains a list of known sale occurrences and more details about sales.



Items always available to knights of all ranks:

Rarity - (General) Energy Availability
Rarity-Spark of Life.png Spark of Life x10 200 Haven
Rarity-Spark of Life.png Spark of Life 50 Expedition
Rarity - (Evo Catalysts) Energy Availability
Rarity-Evo Catalyst icon.png Evo Catalyst 125 Always
Rarity-Advanced Evo Catalyst icon.png Advanced Evo Catalyst 250 Always
Rarity-Ultimate Evo Catalyst icon.png Ultimate Evo Catalyst 525 Always
Rarity - (Fire Crystals) Energy Availability
Rarity-Warm Fire Crystal icon.png Warm Fire Crystal x50 85 Always
Rarity-Glowing Fire Crystal icon.png Glowing Fire Crystal x50 175 Always
Rarity-Shining Fire Crystal icon.png Shining Fire Crystal x50 350 Always
Rarity-Radiant Fire Crystal icon.png Radiant Fire Crystal x50 700 Always
Rarity - (Orbs of Alchemy) Energy Availability
Rarity-Flawed Orb of Alchemy icon.png Flawed Orb of Alchemy x3 10 Always
Rarity-Simple Orb of Alchemy icon.png Simple Orb of Alchemy x3 50 Always
Rarity-Advanced Orb of Alchemy icon.png Advanced Orb of Alchemy x3 200 Always
Rarity-Elite Orb of Alchemy icon.png Elite Orb of Alchemy x3 400 Always
Rarity-Eternal Orb of Alchemy icon.png Eternal Orb of Alchemy x3 800 Always
Material Energy Availability
Food-Reset Star.png Reset Star 2000 Always
Usables Energy Availability
Usable-Heat Amplifier.png Heat Amplifier (2 Days) 800 Always
Usable-Krogmo Coin Booster.png Krogmo Coin Booster (24 Hours) 300 Always
Usable-Trinket Slot Upgrade.png Trinket Slot Upgrade (30 Days) 150 Always
Usable-Weapon Slot Upgrade.png Weapon Slot Upgrade (30 Days) 250 Always
Usable-Guild Name Change Pass.png Guild Name Change Pass 7000 Always
Usable-Knight Name Change Pass.png Knight Name Change Pass 3500 Always
Sprite Gear Energy Availability
Icon-Drakon Pod.png Drakon Pod 2100 Always
Icon-Maskeraith Pod.png Maskeraith Pod 2100 Always
Icon-Seraphynx Pod.png Seraphynx Pod 2100 Always
Keys Energy Availability
Key-Silver Key icon.png Silver Key 750 Always
Key-Shadow Key icon.png Shadow Key 1800 Always

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