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Important stratum themes:
  • Phantom Dirge

Event only:

The Graveyard is a region. Regions categorize levels with similar characteristics that have been incorporated into the Clockworks.


No gate icon description for this region.


Graveyards are levels found only on randomized floors, alongside Treasure Troves and Treasure Vaults.

They are filled entirely with Zombie enemies, are full of graves, and their only Treasure boxes are moderately often found behind Energy Gates.

Graveyards are also the sole hunting ground of Phantoms, which is generally why some Knights dread encountering a Graveyard. However, Graveyards can be extraordinarily profitable crown-wise, if all Zombies in the level are destroyed.

Graveyards only exist as a statusless level, and are not preset. (They are constructed from random modules upon being entered)

Some gravestones have a mound of soil near them. Keep an eye on these - a mound might spawn a zombie as you approach, or as you walk away.


  • Graveyards are an unnatural place, a world between worlds where lost souls gather, hungry for the life of any live soul that must pass through. You must hurry and find the exit as fast as possible before the phantoms will awaken and stalk you! Exploration-Information-ComLink.pngInformation Module


A Rare Scenario Room will spawn a single Carnavon.

Phantoms will appear a few minutes after Knights have activated the Party Button at the entrance to every Graveyard, usually prompting a mad dash through in order to avoid attracting their ire. Alongside this fact, Graveyards tend to be strewn with blocks and gates specifically meant to slow any exploring Knights down, allowing the Phantoms to catch any Knights and/or slay them.

Grim Scarab and Grim Gourdling appear only during the Dark Harvest Festival event.



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