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Status: Curse
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Curse is a status condition that will randomly lock some of the player's weapons and vials. For as long as curse is active, attempting to use these items will damage the player.

Enemies who are Cursed will take damage when using any attack or healing ability, however curse will not cancel enemy attacks.

Themed Enemies

Curse is not a possible stratum theme, but the following monsters may inflict curse status:

The following monsters are immune to curse:

Inflicting and Receiving Curse

Spiral Knights can inflict curse on monsters by using curse vials against them, using a weapon that has a chance of inflicting curse or as a possible random status affliction from Chaotic Haze by Maskeraith users.

Weapons that are able to inflict curse are:

When using the charge attack of the Faust and Gran Faust, these weapons have a chance of self-inflicting a curse as well. This effect will last 43 seconds without any curse resistance. In addition 2 of your equipped weapons and 3 vials will cause self-damage for the duration of the curse. This means that if you don't have any weapon slots unlocked, all of your weapons will be harmful to your health. These effects can be mitigated somewhat by having curse resistance.

Using a Remedy capsule will cure Curse even if it has been affected by the status, but will not prevent the self-damage from using it.

Different sources of curse can inflict different strengths of curse, but the values below relate to the Gran Faust's self-inflicted curse

  • The Faust's curse is one increment less severe than the Gran Faust. This means the player needs one less point of curse resistance than what is listed below to achieve the same effects.

For each point of curse resistance/weakness you have, the total time of the curse is decreased/increased by 2-4 seconds, respectively. Less time is decreased per point as the point total increases, however the exact relationship is not yet known. Other effects are as follows (Negative points indicate weakness):

  • At -4 points, (Black Kat item, Fallen Item, or full Chaos set), the number of weapons cursed becomes 4.
  • At -2 points, (one Chaos item), The number of vials cursed becomes 4.
  • At -1 points (a non-Black Kat item), The number of weapons cursed becomes 3.
  • At 2 points (equal to a medium UV), the number of vials cursed becomes 2.
  • At 5 points, the number of weapons cursed becomes 1.
  • At 7 points, the number of vials cursed becomes 1.
Points of Resistance Duration #Vials #Weapons
-4 59 4 4
-3 55 4 3
-2 51 4 3
-1 47 3 3
0 43 3 2
1 39 3 2
2 37 2 2
3 35 2 2
4 33 2 2
5 31 2 1
6 29 2 1
7 27 1 1
8 25 1 1
9 23 1 1
10 22 1 1

Up to 16 points of resistance have been tested, and the total time of the curse continues to be reduced up to 10 points of resistance, and increased up to -4 points of resistance. Resistances higher and weaknesses lower than these values does not provide any additional benefits/penalties. [1] There seems to be a reduced rate of self-inflicting a curse with higher curse resistance. Additional conclusions pending.[2]

Self-inflicted damage from using a cursed weapon is reduced linearly for every 2 points of resistance.

Up to 6 points of weakness has also been tested, except for 5, and greater than 4 points of weakness does not have any effect.

Resisting Curse

The following armor sets grant knights resistance to being cursed:

The following trinkets will carry knights through the cursing of the Clockworks:

You can also equip Perks from Battle Sprites to reduce the time that you are cursed.


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