Hallow Warriors (Guild)

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Hallow Warriors
GuildLogo-Hallow Warriors.png

Honorem Fidei, et Fructum

Guild Founder: Riuzake
Approx. Population: 95
Guild Master(s):
  • Riuzake
  • Mini-Mastermind
Guild Officer(s):
  • Maxerderek
  • Kenlucasread
  • Stevethekidsa
Website: Offical Guild Website

The Hallow Warriors is a small, new guild. It was originally only for players with Hallow Costumes, but has expanded to allow any player willing to join. We are growing rapidly and we will hopefully have a Guild Hall Expansion soon. Our motto, Honorem Fidei, et Fructum means For Honor, Loyalty, and the Harvest.

Guild Summary

The Hallow Warriors is a guild that was created during the Dark Harvest Festival of 2012 by Riuzake. We are a relatively new guild, and accept players of any rank. However, our guild invites are mainly targeted towards newer players, namely apprentices through knights.

How To Join

The only way to join without being asked to join is to ask our officers, or our Guild Master for an invitation. Otherwise, we will send you an invitation to join ourselves.

How to be Promoted

If you want to be promoted, then:

  • You need to be responsible
  • You should try your best to pay the fees (Veterans pay 500crs, Officers pay 1Kcrs etc.)
  • You must promise you won't demote or remove another guild member without a good and entirely valid reason (ex. Demoting someone for crying)

If you meet these requirements and wish to be promoted, then please fill out this form.

Guild Rules

Basically, the only rules we have currently are

  • 1) No swearing or using inappropriate language in the guild chat (Enforced)
  • 2) Be respectful to your superiors (Ex. A member should never disrespect a veteran, etc.)
  • 3) Be active, we reserve the right to remove inactive members (Strictly Enforced)
  • 4) Donate: Members, Veterans and Officers should try their best and donate 200, 500, and 1,000 crowns every week, respectively.

If you break any rules, you will face consequences (including demotion, and removal, from the guild).

Guild Roster

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