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Refine your heart to steel.

Guild Founder: Motheye & Artemetis & Saetorath
Approx. Population: 25
Guild Master(s):
  • Lullzy
Guild Officer(s):
  • Juudan

Active Authorities:

  • Lullzy (Head Guild Master, Head Recruitment Officer)
  • Juudan (Junior Officer, to-be Senior Officer)
  • Makoshin (Retired, Senior Guild Master, Wiki Editor)

Icon-mail text.png Ways of contacting us

Icon class recon.png Announcements Icon class recon.png

Please check the Calendar for any dates that may interest you.

Changes since February 12, 2015

  • Makoshin has retired from his position as Head Guild Master, and Lullzy has taken up the helm. Please greet your new Head Guild Master!
    • Makoshin will still drop in and edit the page if need be.
  • The page will undergo several changes according to how the Guild's needs changes over the next weeks or months.
    • As such, please take care that this will be under construction.
  • Population and Member List 93 -> 25
    • Any non-Veteran that has not logged in since the turn of 2015 has been removed.

Changes since August 8, 2014 6:35 PM PDT

  • Population and Member List 83 -> 93
    • 10 New Recruits
    • 1 Recruit -> Member (This was done by someone else on the 7th?)
  • August Calendar completed
    • Events are Night-time for the USA for now.
  • Links to Guides added
  • Ironheart (Guild) / Guild Hall Plans updated
    • Beast Scales Complete! (Done by someone else?)
    • Other materials added
    • Guild Hall Changes will be moved to an Google Drive Excel Doc some time in the future.

Any ideas for Guild Hall rooms and Guild events are highly welcomed! Please tell your seniors in the guild about them.

Notify Makoshin of the general times that you are logged on such that he can schedule any events or important dates accordingly.

Make sure to check out the Basil page when you're looking for recipes that are only from him!

Crafting-Book of Dark Rituals.png Some Back-story to Ironheart

Ironheart is a reborn guild with Makoshin leading the rebirth.

The guild was initially created by Artemetis and Motheye in ~2011.
At some point, Ironheart melted and recruits left. As for the actual reason, it is unknown.

As of late 2013, Makoshin was invited by Saetorath as a friend, and eventually promoted to Guild Master. With the help of the officer Solunaiku, recruits have flooded in and have made Ironheart pumped with life.

In a few meetings between Officers and the Guild Master, the main goal and drive of Ironheart was set.

As of early 2015, Makoshin has retired, and Lullzy now leads Ironheart.

Skill-Iron Heart Attack.png Goals and points of Ironheart Skill-Iron Heart Attack.png

The point of our Guild, in my opinion and view, is to progress in gear, skill, and knowledge to further enhance our enjoyment of the game. I see the challenge and overcoming said challenge as the main source of achievement and enjoyment. Our rank requirements reflect some of these ideals.

Beyond this, we are also a community that would also like to simply socialize, not only among each other, but also with other guilds and players.
In conjunction, we intend to promote punctuality, self-sufficiency, teamwork, and being efficient in our time. Like knowing what to skip over when looking at this giant page of text.

- Makoshin Skill-Deadly Shadow Cloak.png

"Currently our main focus has been building up the gear and level of our [...] membership so that we can then efficiently earn surplus for guild purposes such as furnishings and increasing membership limits.
In other words, our guild is dedicated to general progression; once we build up ourselves, we will work on building up others [...]"

"[...] [We] want a large prosperous guild who generally get along well and play nice. Hence our focus is having fun (with each other).

- Lullzy Icon class striker.png quoted from a meeting.

"We as a guild should strive for a friendly environment and strong bond in combat more than anything."

- Juudan Equipment-Argent Peacemaker icon.png Equipment-Sentenza icon.png

General info of our Authorities

Because, hey, ya gotta know who your Seniors are. Okay, at least a little.

Makoshin Skill-Deadly Shadow Cloak.png
The now-retired Guild Master of Ironheart. He's a bomber and supportive player at heart, but can do all sorts of combat styles and has a diverse arsenal to fill the needs of the party.
Knowledgeable about the game's history, items, monsters and mechanics, he sometimes gives long, drawn-out answers that may answer your questions more than you may have wanted to.
Makoshin also hosts most of the events and combat tests, edits the Wiki page, and archives Guild Data.
"Nobody likes to play support, yet everybody likes to win." (Warning: May be very loud)
Lullzy Icon class striker.png
The Head Guild Master who is mainly a swordsman/striker and is calculating and decisive.
While he optimizes certain runs, missions and Arcade gates for the highest payout and efficiency, Lullzy also helps out newcomers to the Guild get along on their missions and Arcade runs and subtly teaches them new tricks.
He is the Head Recruitment Scout searching for those that wish to improve at the game and will bolster the community of Ironheart and of the Spiral Order.

Icon-rarity.png Guild Events/Calendar Icon-rarity.png

These times and dates are based on PDT!

Check the Announcements Section for changes on events

The Guild Events have been moved to Ironheart (Guild) / Guild Events!

Icon class guardian.png Rules, Policies, and Protocols Icon class guardian.png

It is now mandatory for Guild Members to read this section and the Guild Events Page.

Most rules are not laid in stone, or what other metal that you would like to engrave it on.

However, the following rules are generally enforced:

  • Begging for items, crowns, energy, or anything of the sort is not tolerated.
    We want to be able to make sure that, as members of this guild, you are adequately self-sufficient when it comes to SK Currency and Items.
    • If you're having problems trying to get these things, simply find a way to work around it. There are many ways to get what you need.
    • Instead of begging, simply ask for help obtaining the items.
  • Items in the storage are free to take under the following limitations:
    • Anyone is free to take one (1) of a weapon or equipment that is in the storage.
    • In addition, it is required that you inform the Guild Authorities about taking equipment, any 4-5-Star Material, event materials, or recipes from the Guild Storage.
      • Although putting stuff into the Guild Storage does mean that it will be free to take, we would like to know why it's being taken and how it will be put to use.
    • Failure to comply to these rules will result in severe implications, regardless of rank or severity of the situation.
      • This includes the Guild Authorities as well.
  • Be aware that most guild-related things are logged instantly in the Guild Record. Inquiries as to what is logged exactly is easily seen in the Guild hall's guild record.
    • Although the Guild chat is not archived, it is expected that everyone is to be mindful of what they are saying.
  • Be respectful and patient with one another.
  • Do not flood the Guild chat. If you are talking to another person when there is currently a lot of commotion, please privately talk to one another.
    • However, if the "conversation" is a lecture on certain mechanics or equipment, it may be in your, and everyone else's, best interest to type it in Guild Chat.
    • However again, if Seniors call the conversation off, end it quickly.
  • If you will be gone for an extended period of time, please notify the Guild Masters or Officers.
  • There will be a guild list clearing on the Saturday of the last week of the month.
    If you wish to not be removed from the guild, please log on or notify any authority.
    If you are unable to log on to Spiral Knights, contact any of the authorities through outside sources.
    • People that will be removed are:
      • Recruits that have not logged in within 3 weeks.
      • Members that have not logged in within 6 weeks.
    • The next date is August 30, 2014.

The general idea is simple etiquette among your guild members, and other players.

Failure to follow these rules will result in demotion; or in extreme cases, kicked out.

Icon-shield.png Protocols Icon-shield.png

Members are encouraged to help each other through the trials of the clockworks as they see fit.
Taking advantage of other guildmates is highly discouraged.

Take note that members ranked higher and lower than you may agree to help you, but are in no way obligated to assist you at any time.
They also reserve the right to refuse assistance to anyone provided a legitimate reason is given.
Furthermore, when assisting other guild mates, it is expected that the person(s) helping make their best effort to match both the level of gear and skill of the party being assisted.

It is in every guildmates' best interest to gain combat experience and learn how to fend for themselves in the clockworks.

It is our duty as guildmates to facilitate the personal growth of each individual's skill by holding back when necessary to give others the chance to learn for themselves on how to best fight and handle a situation.

In summation, when assisting others, take care not to do all the work yourself.
When being assisted, take care not to take advantage of your fellow guildmate(s).

It is also highly recommended that you do all of the missions up to "3-2 Blades of the Fallen" on your own, as they teach basic concepts of the game.

Expansion-1F West Wing icon.png Current Plans for Guild Hall Expansion Expansion-1F East Wing icon.png

This section has been moved to Ironheart (Guild) / Guild Hall Plans

Icon-social-mp.png Members of the Guild

[Accurate as of August 8, 2014, 6:10 PM PDT or UTC -8 Hours] In descending order of authority and seniority.

Crafting-Flame Soul.png Powers, Duties, and Meanings of the Ranks Crafting-Flame Soul.png

Usable-Heat Amplifier.png Ranking Up Usable-Heat Amplifier.png

Guild Masters and Officers will be issuing the promotions. These promotions will be conducted in several ways.
Combat proficiency, while a major part of the game, will not be taken into consideration more than other requirements.
You may need zoom in as the text may be small. (ctrl+mouse wheel scrolling or ctrl+ "+ or -")

If you would like to apply for promotion, contact a Guild Master or Officer.


There will be exceptions to these requirements.

Usable-Mirrored Lockbox.png Interesting Resources and Links Key-Silver Key icon.png

Icon-shield.pngShieldbearer Guide

A good read for anyone that wants to be more adept with the most diverse tool in your arsenal

Icon-sword.pngSwordmaster Guide

A good overview of all the weapons and armors that swordsmen, or strikers, can use in addition to some techniques.

Icon-handgun.pngGunslinger Guide

Great guide to understanding what guns do and each gun's effectiveness. Armor is also talked about here.

Icon-bomb.pngBombing Guide

A very extensive guide to bombing, as it goes over every bomb, armor, even sprites in great detail. In addition, it gives general guidelines to certain areas, monsters, and all-round strategies as well.

Icon-armor.pngA study on the "Effects of Defense" by Antistone

A mathematical/scientific study on how the defense points/bars from our armor actually work.

Albeit, Damage Reduction, as pointed out at the very beginning, is "Flat Damage Reduction" that scales depending on depth.
Icon-arsenal-small.pngBasil's recipes.

Nice to know what Basil-only recipes there are, as someone in the Guild may want them.
A general rule is that equipment from tokens tend to have Basil-only recipes.

Please note that the wiki takes time to update the page, so please check daily whenever you can.

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