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The Lost Soul (Skull) is a type of NPC.


All NPCs of this type have the appearance of a levitating skull with unblinking blank eyes surrounded by roiling light.


The skull is similar to the one seen inside a soul jelly, indicating another connection between this particular type of soul and skull.

The mission card for the 9-2 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: Alone in the Dark depicts a lost soul with a skull, even though a nameless Lost Soul of Almire is encountered in the mission.

The topic of this article or section is subject to personal opinion, and does not represent any one absolute truth. If you disagree, discuss your concerns on the the talk page before editing. It is unknown if the skull is worn, possessed, or has any connection to the soul's past life. The function of the skull is unknown. Speculations include:

  • These souls could be related in some way to the Phantom monster, and the skull is simply part of their morphology.
  • The skull stabilizes high-energy souls with a tangible container. Souls wearing the skull seem to be more anchored in the plain, boasting more energy and less bobbing, and certainly a lot less self-destruction.
  • The skull indicates individuality to an extent, considering that two of them display their own names. Torin is the only other lost soul with a known name.


Name Visual Type Role Location Notes
Estavio Estavio-Mugshot.png Lost Soul (Skull) Vendor:
Vials Merchant
Moorcroft Manor Offers vials in exchange for crowns.
Hector Hector-Mugshot.png Lost Soul (Skull) Vendor:
Vitapod Merchant
Moorcroft Manor Offers vitapods in exchange for crowns.
Nameless Lost Soul (Blackstone Bridge)-Mugshot.png Lost Soul (Skull) Informant Firestorm Citadel Informs the player about the Firestorm Citadel and Lord Vanaduke.
Muerty Muerty-Mugshot.png Lost Soul (Skull) Informant Town Square during the Dark Harvest Festival. Informs the player about the festival and the Punkin King.

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