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Undead Family
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Damage Resistances
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Phantoms are the bane of adventurers traveling in the graveyards scattered around The Clockworks. Unlike the Zombies that accompany them, Phantoms are fast, relentless, and deadly. Worse, they can never be permanently defeated!


Phantoms emit a cry when they are are about to arrive. They spawn as small, red, floating orbs that materialize upon approaching their target, after which they give chase to nearby knights. They cannot die, but they can be temporarily stopped if knights are brave enough to attack them. Phantoms are not restricted by physical objects, so they can walk through walls and on thin air.

In later tiers, Phantoms can shoot projectiles after charging that deal heavy damage and even curse the player. You should run away from these deadly monsters.

Like other undead, all Phantoms are immune to Curse.

The number of Phantoms in a level is equal to the number of players in the current party - the Phantom count will update immediately if players leave or join the dungeon.


All Tiers

  • Slash Attack shadow icon.png
  • Charge Attack Attack shadow icon.png Icon status curse.png
  • Dash
  • Walk through walls & air
Location Drops

This monster does not drop anything.


Phantoms will menace any intruders who tread the Graveyards where they reside. They cannot be destroyed; only temporarily stopped.

  • Gains a Charge Attack which shoots a projectile in T2. The Charge is a three shot spread in T3.


  • The Phantom's head resembles the Soul Jelly's core.
  • Their cries can be heard even across the level when players are far away from them.
  • Whenever a Phantom cries, the noise that it makes suffers a strange doppler effect - the further you are from the crying phantom, the deeper and slower its voice gets.
  • The weapon a Phantom wields resembles a purplish-red Striker. This monster used to wield a Gran Faust.


You have to outrun them! These things are immortal and can only be incapacitated for a short time after taking damage. They move slower in orb form if players manage to run far enough from them.

Alternatively, Phantoms are considered Undead and are vulnerable to elemental damage and immune to all status conditions except Stun and Freeze. They can attack up to three times in a combo, so it's relatively safe to counterattack after seeing their third strike. Their charge also takes a few seconds to prepare, giving you another opportunity to deal damage. In later tiers, Phantoms can shoot projectiles with their charge attack that can heavily damage and even curse players. Knights with good timing can block these projectiles by taking cover behind tombstones in the Graveyard.

"Killing" a Phantom will cause it to revert to orb form and remain stationary. After a short time, it will revive back to full strength. The time that it takes for a phantom to manifest again is a good few minutes; so if you can kill them easily striking them few times until they become harmless is a good strategy to get them off your back. You can also tell by the orb that the phantom turns into if they are hostile or not. Phantom orbs that are ready to attack are notably bigger, and have two pointed red eyes at the front.

Also try to attempt to fight phantoms in large empty spaces, preferably where there are no enemy zombies around. Try to hit them with quick single-hit slashes instead of full blown combos because they may sometimes backstep behind you and strike you using their speed. You will also want to run away to a safe spot quickly as soon as you see them charging. The phantom can turn and move without difficulty while charging their sword up, so unless you can make them flinch with a sword it is best to just back off.

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