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Intensity of special effects is variable.

A Personal Color is a type of usable. It determines the color of several parts of the player's knight - anything that is prismatic and/or a prismatic aspect.


All Personal Color usables have the same description:

Once used, this item will permanently change your knight's personal color to the specified color. This item is destroyed once used.


Knight Creation options.

Personal color is chosen during knight creation. Players can change their knight's personal color by obtaining and using one of the below personal color usables.

Color usables are stored in the Style Kit once used and can be reapplied an infinite amount of times for a fee of 1,000 crowns per use.

These have the same variety as the colors available when creating a knight. Currently, there are 25 different kinds of personal colors.

Some personal colors look very similar, but show up with varying intensity depending on accessories and other items. Certain auras can shade an outfit, causing appearances that are otherwise the same to be visually different between knights. The intensity of some prismatic aspects (especially those that glow) are more or less, depending on personal color as well as what's equipped.

The Usable-Disguise Prize Box icon.png Disguise Prize Box had these usables in its additional prize pool, but which ones are within is unclear.


Name Visual Acquisition
Magenta Personal Color
Personal Color-Magenta.png Magenta

Personal Color-Magenta-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Lavender Personal Color
Personal Color-Lavender.png Lavender

Personal Color-Lavender-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Crimson Personal Color
Personal Color-Crimson.png Crimson

Personal Color-Crimson-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Lake Personal Color
Personal Color-Lake.png Lake

Personal Color-Lake-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Red Personal Color
Personal Color-Red.png Red

Personal Color-Red-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Vermillion Personal Color
Personal Color-Vermillion.png Vermillion

Personal Color-Vermillion-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Orange Personal Color
Personal Color-Orange.png Orange

Personal Color-Orange-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Amber Personal Color
Personal Color-Amber.png Amber

Personal Color-Amber-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Yellow Personal Color
Personal Color-Yellow.png Yellow

Personal Color-Yellow-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Chartreuse Personal Color
Personal Color-Chartreuse.png Chartreuse

Personal Color-Chartreuse-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Lime Personal Color
Personal Color-Lime.png Lime

Personal Color-Lime-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Emerald Personal Color
Personal Color-Emerald.png Emerald

Personal Color-Emerald-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Green Personal Color
Personal Color-Green.png Green

Personal Color-Green-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Aquamarine Personal Color
Personal Color-Aquamarine.png Aquamarine

Personal Color-Aquamarine-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Turquoise Personal Color
Personal Color-Turquoise.png Turquoise

Personal Color-Turquoise-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Viridian Personal Color
Personal Color-Viridian.png Viridian

Personal Color-Viridian-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Cyan Personal Color
Personal Color-Cyan.png Cyan

Personal Color-Cyan-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Sky Personal Color
Personal Color-Sky.png Sky

Personal Color-Sky-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Cobalt Personal Color
Personal Color-Cobalt.png Cobalt

Personal Color-Cobalt-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Ultramarine Personal Color
Personal Color-Ultramarine.png Ultramarine

Personal Color-Ultramarine-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Blue Personal Color
Personal Color-Blue.png Blue

Personal Color-Blue-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Indigo Personal Color
Personal Color-Indigo.png Indigo

Personal Color-Indigo-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Violet Personal Color
Personal Color-Violet.png Violet

Personal Color-Violet-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Purple Personal Color
Personal Color-Purple.png Purple

Personal Color-Purple-Preview.png
Vatel - 50,000 crowns
Silver Personal Color
Personal Color-Silver.png Silver

Personal Color-Silver-Preview.png
Usable-Grey Prize Box icon.png Grey Prize Box

Supply Depot Sale - 99,995 energy

Initial release:
6 November 2017

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