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The Supply Depot will sometimes feature items in a temporary "Icon-specials.png specials" section. There are a few different kinds of sales. Items in these "sales" are either new, discounted, limited-time purchase, or a combination of these factors.


Sometimes the supply depot will have long sales in the "specials" section, typically featuring seasonal, celebratory, and/or themed items.

For example, certain Gift Boxes are featured during relevant events, as are celebratory Party Hats and Fireworks and so on.

Other specials can be seasonal, featuring boxes or accessories such as the Fall Leafy Aura, or Extra Vertical Vents to help hop into spring.

Other specials are related to events, with "furniture" boxes like the Moorcroft Prize Box and the Decoration Kit Prize Box available for energy.

For a list of individual sales in Supply Depot, visit Calendar of past Supply Depot sales page. The list features sales since October 2018, when they became much more frequent.

Flash Sales

Sometimes the supply depot will have brief sales in the "specials" section, typically featuring new or rare items.

Below is a list of known Flash Sales. The user-made logs are as accurate as players can make them. Some data may be missing.

# Start Duration Announcement Log Notes
1 18 September 2013  ??? Forum  ???
2 12 November 2013 7 days Forum User-Made Log
3 28 December 2013  ??? Forum  ???
4 21 February 2014 3 days Forum User-Made Log
5 25 April 2014 3 days Forum User-Made Log
6 10 September 2014 7 days Forum User-Made Log
7 01 December 2014 1 Day Forum User-Made Log
8 30 November 2015 1 Day Forum User-Made Log
9 28 November 2016 1 Day Forum User-Made Log
10 27 November 2017 1 Day Forum User-Made Log
11 26 November 2018 1 Day Forum User-Made Log


Official logs (provided by staff, admins, etc.) of Flash Sales are currently unavailable.

Items do not have set prices. For example, in Sale #4, the Curious Mewkat furniture item was available for 22,000 energy. During sale #6, it was available for 20,000 energy. Prices have been seen to increase as well - the Divine Valkyrie Wings were available for 4,000 energy in Sale #2, and for 5800 energy in Sale #6.

Not all sales are without flaws. Mistakes are made - Very Cheap Bolted Vees and Not Properly Discounted Items have been witnessed. It is best to file a bug report if something seems amiss, and it is best to not take advantage of such situations.

Sometimes an item will be introduced with a sale - "never seen before" and so on. So far, these seem to consistently be accessories like the Gold Leafy Aura and specially colored Snipe Furniture. Others include: costume items.


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Concerning the Logs

Users have attempted to make accurate logs of these sales. Links to these logs are in the above list. These logs are a sort of guide, to help players in a variety of ways:

  • Prevent scamming techniques. Sometimes, bad players will claim that an item went on sale when it didn't, in order to persuade a seller to sell an item for a lower price than the seller otherwise would have. Many other similar scamming schemes exist, sadly. Usage of the Flash Sale logs should help prevent getting "ripped off."
  • Provide a guide to personal economy. A returning player might need to update themselves with current prices - what was "rare" then might not be so rare now! Avoid getting blamed for schemes in the above scenario: the logs should help! Be sure to check all the logs, as prices are not set in stone.
  • Provide a general idea of "what to expect." So far, we can see that Divine, Prismatic, Shadow, and Volcanic versions of certain accessories frequently show up. Moorcroft Furniture also shows up repeatedly. Other patterns could fade, or begin anew, as each Flash Sale goes on.

Stalking a Sale

"Flash Sales" (or "Sale" for short) are periods of time during which different, sometimes "rare" items are available for purchase - sometimes one at a time, a few, or several at once. These items will show up in the "Icon-specials.png specials" section of the Supply Depot, so check that section frequently for a quick, complete view of what's available in relation to the sale. Each item or group of items is available for purchase for a short period of time, usually a few hours, after which they are removed and other items are put up for sale. The entire Flash Sale occurrence can last a couple days, or several. Such timing details, as well as the entire Flash Sale occurrence, are typically announced on the forums by Admins, so take special note. Sometimes, the sale will have a sort of recursion - a sale within a sale. This is not always directly mentioned. Therefore:

  • Set up your schedule to check the specials section of the supply depot right before a rotation, and directly after. This gives the most time in-between to do other things.
  • Make a lot of friends, and ask them to notify you if something interesting (or something you want) shows up. Remember, never give personal info to strangers online! The Steam chat is a good way to get notified by friends.
  • Don't stress about it, especially with very fast sales. Odds are, the item will show up again some day! And perhaps for a lower price, too :).

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