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Examples of PAs, shown here with "ultramarine" personal color on hallow-themed items.

Prismatic Aspect refers to the part(s) of an item that are "prismatic." Prismatic coloration depends on the personal color of the knight.


"Prismatic" is technically a color pattern, with the primary dependent on personal color. But many items have parts, or "aspects," that behave in a prismatic manner, even if they are not prismatic-themed. In fact, most things that knights (players or NPCs) wear have one or more prismatic aspect(s). This has lead to a loose use of the word "prismatic" by the Spiral Knights community.

  • Equipment-Shadow Splash Sarong icon.png Most icons will indicate which part(s) of an item are prismatic aspects by having those parts colored white in the icon.
  • Twilight Aura Icons for prismatic-themed accessories will be black, energy-blue, and grey.


Lag spike "flash."

A full prismatic outfit is vibrant with color compared to items that use other color patterns. Attaching vivid accessories (such as the Proto Crest or an Eye of Fury) can allow a knight to look "prismatic" without using prismatic-themed items.

Prismatic behavior causes the same item to look different from knight to knight, since knights can have different personal colors.

In PvP, anything that is prismatic will temporarily change to the color of the player's team for the duration of the match.

Prismatic-themed items either entirely or mostly match the knight's personal color. These may or may not show the same personal colors the same way as each other. Compare the Prismatic Plume to the Prismatic Trojan Tail - both of these examples are influenced by the "ultramarine" personal color.

Many accessories have one or more tiny prismatic aspects, with the rest of the coloration following the color pattern in the accessory's name. For example, the tips of Mech'tennas and the line on the bottom of bombs in a Bomb Bandolier sash are tiny prismatic aspects of otherwise non prismatic-themed items.

If a "prismatic" accessory isn't completely prismatic, the other colors used are shades of grey. Most accessory types have at least one type that uses prismatic style. Several prismatic accessories glow.

Sometimes a "lag spike" can cause glowing prismatic aspects to "reset" (or flash) their glowing effects.
These parts used to "flash" when elevators began to move. This visual is now blocked by interfaces introduced in later updates to the game.

The prismatic aspects of all "plate" items are a few shades lighter than the prismatic aspects of most other items.


See the Prismatic-Themed category for a list of prismatic-themed items. Regarding prismatic aspects, in general (this includes costumes and combat gear):

Eyes and the inner "face" of most helms are prismatic, but a slightly different shade for eyes and a much darker hue for the face. A very common prismatic aspect on helms is a sort of stripe across the middle of the top. For armor, the hands and parts of the arms are most often prismatic, as well as any leg parts that may be visible. This is mostly on the body-tight material that knights wear under their defenses. Depending on the armor, this material might be brown, grey, or some other generic color, instead of prismatic.

Battle Sprites have prismatic aspects. Eyes, wings, etc. will match the owner's personal color. Parts of the harness will as well.

As of now, there are very few shields or weapons that have prismatic aspects that are designed to match the player's personal color. Here is a list of these items that have parts that match personal color:

Certain items completely ignore personal color. These are colloquially known as "adamant." A list of such items can be found here.

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