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GuildHall-Room-Private Training Hall icon.png Private Training Hall
GuildHall-Room-Private Training Hall-Overworld.png

980,000 Crowns


Either 4F Wing
Once unlocked, this room can be installed anywhere there is an Empty Room.

Special Features

The Private Training Hall is a room that can be placed in a Guild Hall.


A simple room providing access to a private guild training hall, perfect for learning new skills or keeping old ones current.

Special Features

The room itself adds a door in the north wall of the room. This door leads to the Private Training Hall. A Private Training Hall gives Knights the opportunity to test their weapons and abilities across three tiers. The hall is quite small in comparison to the Advanced Training Hall and contains only three major features. There is target practice in the northwestern corner, Shufflebots in the northeastern corner, and six punching bags of each monster family in the middle.


Different tier versions of the hall can be accessed through the southeastern and southwestern corners, immediately to the right and left upon entering. The tier 1 version is located at Depth 1 and has a tint of blue. The tier 2 version is located at 13 and has a tint of yellow. The tier 3 version is located at depth 23 and has a tint of red.

Target practice

The target practice is located in the northwestern corner of the Private Training Hall. It is activated by pushing the button located just below it. Upon doing so, obstacles will spawn, the lamps on the wall will light one by one and when all are lit, the gates are lowered and the targets spawn. The obstacles can be either three unbreakable blocks or two unbreakable blocks and three golden shankles.

Shufflebot arena

The Shufflebot arena is found behind a force field in the northeastern corner of the hall. It contains four respawning Shufflebots.

Punching bags

The punching bags are located in the middle of the hall and are sorted by damage weakness. They are estimated to have one million health. When this health bar reaches 0, the bag instantly respawns.

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The Private Training Hall might be more commonly known as "Guild Training Hall."

The room (the part with the door) comes with its own decorations - some stools and shelves are visible, and pulsing wires attach to parts of the walls.

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