Punch & Vise's Workshop

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GuildHall-Room-Punch & Vise's Workshop icon.png Punch & Vise's Workshop
GuildHall-Room-Punch & Vise's Workshop-Overworld.png

475,000 Crowns


Either 4F Wing
Once unlocked, this room can be installed anywhere there is an Empty Room.

Special Features
  • Punch - Add or change Unique Variants
  • Vise - Unbind items

The Punch & Vise's Workshop is a room that can be placed in a Guild Hall.


A busy room where Punch and Vise can be called upon to unbind and rework your equipment.


This room comes with several of its own decorations. It is similar to the "Workshop" in the Haven Bazaar.

This room has audible noises - occasionally, Punch will make a gremlin noise.

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