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NPC: Gremlin
Primary Location(s):

Punch is an NPC.


A Gremlin. He looks like a Ironclaw Thwacker with a modified and recolored hood of a Darkfang Mender. Uses a Thwack Hammer to add variants to player's items. Wears an unique mask that shows a "big smile" with fangs and you can only see his orange left "eye" opened.


This character has been in the game since release 2011-07-20.

Indicated on the minimap by the Wrench icon.

Punch is a twitchy Gremlin Variant Smith in the Bazaar district of Haven. Punch provides a special service to knights, allowing them to acquire Unique Variants on items in exchange for crowns or Unique Variant tickets acquired from Forge Prize Boxes.

On July 23rd, 2011, Vatel was moved closer to the Arcade entrance. This was due to changes made in relation to Punch, Vise, and release 2011-07-20:
"Disclaimer - Punch and Vise wanted me to state for the record that they did not 'blow up' Vatel's recipe shop, but rather that it 'exploded while they were inside it.'" - Nick [1]

This character can also be found in Punch & Vise's Workshop, which is a room that can be installed in Guild Halls.

Unlike Armor and Helmets, Punch will only add four UVs to a Shield: increased Normal defense, increased Elemental defense, increased Shadow defense, or increased Piercing defense. The only time a Shield can obtain a different UV is when it is crafted or upgraded.

In the in-game files, the working name of Vise appears to be "Beard" and the name of Punch is replaced with "Smirk". These names are possibly only working names that never made it to any future versions of the game.



A Barbarous Thorn Blade that is about to be transmuted with two new unique variants.

In exchange for a Variant Ticket, Punch will apply one or more unique variants to an armor, helmet, shield, or weapon. The number of variants is guaranteed depending on the ticket used, unlike the random chance from crafting. If the player does not have a ticket, then crowns can be used to specify a 1,2, or 3 Variant Ticket service. Punch does not sell tickets as items, only performing the task of manipulating unique variants on equipment - his interface simply uses tickets to indicate a particular service.

If the item being transmuted already has unique variants, the player has the option to lock any of them. This will prevent them from being removed, as any variants that are not locked will be removed. Variants cannot be locked if the 1-variant ticket is chosen, only 1 variant can be locked if a 2-variant ticket is chosen, and 2 variants can be locked if a 3-variant ticket is chosen. Additionally, if an item already has a variant of a certain type that is locked, variant tickets will not generate another variant of that type(i.e., if a Charge Time Reduction: Low is locked, the item cannot receive another Charge Time Reduction of any strength).

Service Cost
1 Variant Ticket-1 Variant Ticket icon.png 1 Variant Ticket or 20,000 Icon-Crown.png Crowns
2 Variants Ticket-2 Variant Ticket icon.png 2 Variant Ticket or 75,000 Icon-Crown.png Crowns
3 Variants Ticket-3 Variant Ticket icon.png 3 Variant Ticket or 225,000 Icon-Crown.png Crowns

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