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Shadows Fall Over Cradle!

From the Release Notes:

We've got some exciting additions to the Clockworks included in this release. The bravest, most elite knights can take on the most challenging levels to date in Shadow Lairs and everyone can celebrate the Dark Harvest Festival with visits to the Punkin King!

Shadow Lair Overview

The Clockwork Terminal on floor 23 now contains a new area north of the elevator leading to several 'Shadow Lairs.' These mysterious elevators contain the most fearsome challenges found in the Clockworks.

Shadow Lairs are intended for knights equipped with Tier 3 gear, specifically geared toward each Shadow Lair which includes:

  • The Gloaming Wildwoods has been infected with a poisonous miasma and the Snarbolax is said to have gone rabid!
  • The Royal Jelly Palace has frozen over and it's king usurped by the true heir to the slimy throne, the frigid Ice Queen!
  • The Ironclaw Munitions Factory has begun creating in fiery weapons and improved upon its ultimate weapon in the form of the Red Roarmulus Twins!
  • A powerful curse has overtaken the Firestorm Citadel, transforming its hordes and lead by the mighty Darkfire Vanaduke!

Shadow Lair Rewards

All Shadow Lairs feature the following rewards:

Accessing a Shadow Lair

Shadow Lairs are grouped into three ranks. All knights with Tier 3 clearance automatically gain Shadow Lair Clearance 1. Completing a Shadow Lair Rank 1 earns you clearance into the next rank and so on.

The highest Shadow Lair Clearance Level of anyone in the party is respected. Not everyone needs the same rank to join a party in a Shadow Lair.

Shadow Keys

Shadow Lairs require a Shadow Key to access. Only one key is needed for the entire party. A Shadow Key is destroyed once used.

Shadow Keys can be found in ANY Iron Lockbox or from the Auction House if available.

The Dark Harvest Festival

The Dark Harvest Festival is now being celebrated in Haven and will end on November 1st! This annual event honors the mischievous Punkin King in order to ensure a healthy fall harvest. All Clockwork Tunnels-style levels like Power Complexes and Blast Chambers now have a chance of featuring special rooms inhabited by the Punkin King. Simply hop on the party pad and discover if the Punkin King has candy tokens or something else in store for you!

Candy tokens come in three varieties (Hard Candy, Sour Candy and Sweet Candy) and can be exchanged in the Haven Town Square for festive masks! Masks include:

In case you're just a few pieces of candy shy of the mask you desire, candy tokens can also be purchased in the Haven Town Square. However, they are very expensive!

Remember, this event ends November 1st so collect all the candy you can and get those masks!

Royal Jelly

  • The Royal Jelly boss fight has changed, adjust your strategies accordingly!


  • Having an accessory in one slot will no longer prevent the application of another accessory in a different slot on the same item.
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