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"No crowns left behind!"

Guild Founder: Santy
Approx. Population: 100
Guild Master(s):
  • Santy
  • Jerko
  • Lemon-Neko
  • Shuichi
  • Snowbelle

Website: Offical Guild Website

Goals and self-image

Resistance is a community of players, sharing the common interest of experiencing the game at it's fullest. We welcome new and experienced players alike on the sole condition of them contributing back in equal amounts to what they receive.We're always looking for new, interesting members to join our humble guild. We don't have any types of requirements to join, so if you're a new player or an older player, we don't mind!

Types of runs we do...

There are all sorts of different ranked players in the guild! So there's plenty of help to go around! The types of runs we do are mostly; Snarbolax for those new players, Jelly King and Roarmolus Twins for those intermediate, and Lord Vanaduke for those looking for a challenge. Some other activities we do are Dauntless Delver, and Tier 2 or Tier 3 Arena runs. We LOVE those crowns! For Shadow Lair runs; since most of our members are new, we normally can't afford a Shadow Key... but, we'll never know when one will pop up! So keep your eyes peeled for a group!!

Things we do for fun...

There are many different things we do in Resistance. For instance; Trivia or Paper, Rock, Scissor; Spiral Knights style. Sometimes even Guild Lockdown (Tier 3), even if we lose all the time! Other guild events we have includes Tier 1 (one vs one) Lockdown: It's always fun to whack those other Guilds! Or from time to time, troll those who are begging in Haven, gotta love those trolls! If you're interested in more fun stuff we do, check out our discussions tab at the top of the page for more fun stuff!

Guild Rules

  • 1) No Begging!

Like most other Guilds say, no one likes a beggar, so don't beg. Crowns, Energy, Armor, Weapons, Materials, etc., are easily obtainable in the game. So there is never a reason to ask for items. If one of our Officers catches you in the act, you will be given a first warning. If you are caught again, you will be removed from the guild.

  • 2) No Advertising Sales to Guild Members

Selling an item(s) is/are allowed if you are asking if anyone wants to buy it, but we do not allow advertising merchandise sales in guild chat to our guild members because it's annoying enough to deal with it at the Haven Auction House.

  • 3) Be Active!

Being active in our guild is a must. Everyday, there are new knights entering our world of Cradle, and some of those knights are looking for a new Guild or new friends. We don't require you to log on everyday, though. Making an appearance once or twice a week is good enough for us. (We do guild filtering every 15th, and 30th of the month. If you are inactive between those time frames, we apologize beforehand. You may contact us via mail for a re-invite. Also, if you know you will be inactive for a long period of time, please send a message to one of our Guild Masters or Officers ahead of time, Thank You.)

  • 4) Have Fun!

Be respectful to one another, and keep the guild chat clean; not only that, but no harassing!

NOTE: There are other rules in the guild, but these are the four main rules that everyone must follow, for all the other rules, please ask your fellow guild mates!

Ranks and promotions

Ranks are assigned by officers according to conduct. Asking for a promotion "just because" is considered poor conduct and will likely be denied. Our ranks are defined as follows:

  • Recruit - Recruits are members on probation (either because they are new to the guild or as a disciplinary action). Probation usually lasts about a week in which the recruit should demonstrate social skills.
  • Member - Standard, carefree rank that comes without fees and/or responsibilities. Available to everyone who has demonstrated proper conduct as a recruit.
  • Veteran - Standard rank for members that contribute financially to the guild. This rank comes with a membership fee and additional privileges, but without further responsibilities. Members interested in this rank may ask an officer for details. Perks include: access to the veteran storage, ability to change the MOTD, ability to open/close the guild hall to the public. Veterans must have demonstrated proper conduct as a member and responsible use of guild resources in the past.
  • Officer - Standard executive rank. Officers must have skills, experience and willingness to put guild interests before personal interests, when nescessary. They must have demonstrated that they can be trusted with all guild resources. This rank is assigned on a "as needed" basis.
  • Guild Master - Senior executive rank. Assigned by consensus of the officers.

Guild members may be promoted/demoted temporarily for technical reasons.

Guild Members

Poor conduct

The following is a non comprehensive list of behaviors that are frowned upon and may result in disciplinary action:

  • Begging of any kind. Officers decide what constitutes as begging, not the offending party.
  • Repeatedly inquiring about being taken to profitable levels. High tier guild members are expected to help out low tiers occasionally, but they are not expected to play the game for them.
  • Random invites or trade requests. It is considered offensive to pop up unexpected dialog on other people's screens and it is considered to be extremely rude to either mass invite or ask people to leave their current runs to help out with another (potentially less profitable) run.
  • Abusing the guild channels as trade channels.
  • Taking advantage of shared property.
  • Repeatedly talking back and causing a ruckus in guild chat. If you are asked to be quiet, please stay silent, we don't care about what you want and don't want. Remember its us Officers and Guild Masters who have the say in the matter and can remove you at anytime.


Members that do not log in for more than two weeks (without giving prior notice) are considered to have left the game and their slot may be freed up and reassigned to new recruits. Roster cleanup typically happens on the 1st and the 15th of each month. Members that get kicked due to inactivity can rejoin the guild whenever they find time to play again. Due to lack of activity in game, the removal of inactivity every twice a month will be set to a halt. No one will be removed until further notice. - Shuichi :)

Guild storage

By design, the guild storage is "for grabs". By policy, however, it is not an "all you can eat" buffet. Members who desire a resource from the storage are requested to put something else of equal or greater value back. Taking advantage of the storage is an offense. Officers will regularly check the storage and move resources to more secure areas if needed in order to prevent theft. Such resources are still available on request.

Aside from that, we have fixed price for following items:

  • Ordinary 5 star materials cost 500 crowns. Material price drops 100cr as star level decreases.
  • Special materials that do not drop normally are subject to auction prices.
  • Players of rank Member or higher may make material exchanges for mats of equal star level.
  • Costumes cost 2000 crowns or appropriate auction equivalent, whichever is higher.
  • Accessories cost 1000 crowns or appropriate auction equivalent, whichever is higher.
  • Recipes costs are the same as they appear in the hall of heroes.

Energy Well

Currently unavailable for general uses.

Guild Achievements

There are many things to do in Spiral Knights. But sometimes doing the same thing over and over again can get boring. So from time to time, just to make things more interesting, we at the Resistance like to make up little challenges. There are already challenges that Three Rings has created, but we at the Resistance bring it up a notch!

On Going Conversation

If there is something you wish to say to your fellow guild mates, this is the place to say it. Do keep it freindly, and please no spamming. Thank you!

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