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Spiral 2012-12-07 18-51-50.png
Joined: May 18, 2011
Left: July 14, 2014
Guild: Resistance
Guild Title: Beast

Hello Knights

Welcome to my profile. I am Sentinel-Zx, a person who's been playing Spiral Knights since May 18, 2011. I'm not very big on playing a lot of games anymore since I'm becoming more mature. I'm not much of a talker, but I can get a bit more talkative plus a little crazy when I get into an interesting/crazy conversation. You won't really have much or any problems with me because I'm a very nice person and will not use aggression unless needed to or provoked (or when I'm in lockdown destroying my enemies). I am difficult to anger so if you try to agitate me good luck with that.

I am currently a loyal member of Resistance (Guild) and I do not tend to be leaving the guild anytime soon. When I started out in the guild I was a member for a short time, then I became an officer due to my intense skills in the depths of the clockwork and in lockdown (thus earning me the title Beast by the guild's former Guild Master, Shuichi). I was the first person in the guild to solo Vanaduke, first person to solo Vanaduke without a shield, one of the best lockdown players in the guild, one of the most trusted and responsible Resistance knights, and ranked as the second most powerful member of the guild (in 2012, unknown now in 2013). The guild was very fun with the people and conversations.

Unfortunately in the middle of June 2012 my computer started to die with the well known Blue Screen of Death. Having to get sent out to be fixed for weeks, I grew tired of video games (temporarily) and went 6 months away from SK. I came back on November 20 2012 realizing that I've been unfortunately demoted to a member. I've become a little rusty with the game, but my officer skills will make a comeback soon, but will be playing less often than before. Sadly up till now I miss the good times since some of my friends have left the guild and don't play anymore. Now my skills are back up and ready as it once was.

I like to play Lockdown a lot when I'm low or out of mist or crystal energy. I prefer to capture bases rather than go for raw damage but I do sometimes track down enemies and slay them for some damage points just to show my team that I'm not lazy. Damage isn't everything.

The Arsenal


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