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Joined: May 6th, 2011
Guild: Resistance (Guild)
Previous Guilds: Echo of Silence (Guild)
Rank: Guild Master
Personal Color: Sky
Knight Eyes Spiral Eyes
Knight Height: Extra Short Height
Favorite Saying: Aye!


Hello, I am Shuichi. To those who have arrived on this page, nice to meet you. begin things off... the reason why I made my own personal Wiki... well, apparently after making the Wiki page for the Resistance (Guild), I began looking at other guild wiki's, and I realized that many other players have made their own personal pages. So, joining in on the fun, I too, decided to make my own personal page.

Boring Stuff About Me

I used to have a lot of free time. I spent most of it playing video games instead of being a productive member of society, but now that I am part of society now... I must be like the other grey colored adults and fufill my destiny of earning a yearly income. I still do play a bit of games, but only when I have time. Most game genres I like are, Fighter Arcade Games,Adventure RPG's,Strategy RPG's, and lately I've been really into indie sandbox games too. I've been playing Spiral Knights for quite a while now. What got me started was a little link on Facebook... yes I know...Facebook... I clicked the link and then there I was. I started playing Spiral Knights in early May 2011. Lots of memories, lots of friends, and many different adventures over the past few years. Now I'm just a retired knight who likes pretty promos and uses her hard earned cash to buy cute little outfits and or battle sprites (if they're avaliable). I do go into the clockworks from time to time, but only when I'm feeling it. :P

Other things about me... I'm Female, age <Insert Number Here>, my birthday is November 12, my blood type: Red, and my favorite hobbies; playing games, or sleeping, which ever comes first. OH! I also do artz! Check me out either on my Deviantart at, on Tumblr Messages Left by Shuichi, and lately after some imposter going around posing as me on instagram, I now have an Instagram. In 2016, I also made a personal blog, not realated to any social media... (I think that's what one would call it) I was forced to by a guild mate well in his terms, "suggested", you can read about my daily ramblings there! Shu Sketch (the name was created by the help of another guildmate and I thank both my guildmates very much for helping! :D). Types of music I listen to, music box Melodies (so soothing ^^), random anime music (mostly utaite covers), and a bit of jrock/jpop. All time favorite games; Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories (PS2/PSP soon to be Steam), Final Fantasy 6 (SNES/GBA/PS), Chrono Trigger (SNES), and Seiken Densetsu 3 (SNES).

Games Currently Playing:

  • Spiral Knights (IGN - Shuichi)
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)
  • Phantom Brave PC
  • Pokemon Moon


Random Screenies

Since the wiki had a dark age, all my screenshots went POOF!... So I'll eventually make new memories.

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