Small Replica Roarmulus Twin

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Furniture-Small Replica Roarmulus Twin icon.png
Small Replica Roarmulus Twin
Furniture-Small Replica Roarmulus Twin.png


This item can only be rotated to the North, South, West, or East.

The Small Replica Roarmulus Twin is a furniture item that can be placed in a Guild Hall.


A miniature model of one of the Roarmulus Twins. It is mercifully inactive.


The alchemy cost for this furniture item is 75,000 crowns. Below are the materials needed to make the Small Replica Roarmulus Twin:

Name Amount
Crafting-Gremlin Gizmo.png Gremlin Gizmo 50
Crafting-Iron Gear.png Iron Gear 50
Crafting-Force Dynamo.png Force Dynamo 25
Crafting-Rocket Sprocket.png Rocket Sprocket 25
Furniture-Roarmulus Blueprints icon.png Roarmulus Blueprints 4

Icon-alert.png Components are deposited into the Guild Hall's Treasury.
Nothing can be withdrawn from a Treasury after it is deposited.


Small Replica Roarmulus Twin-Placed.png A Small Replica Roarmulus Twin Overworld view.


This furniture item is not animated.

Only one Small Replica Roarmulus Twin is made with the craft, even though the boss comes as a pair.

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