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The Armero Alchemy Machine is an alchemy station used for crafting trophy furniture items.



Crafting via the machine requires the materials and precursor for each item and the transmuting costs follow unusual pricing.

Please see Economics of Boss Trophies for details.

Boss Trophies

Item Level Type
Furniture-Frumious Fang icon.png Frumious Fang 1 Furniture
Furniture-Replica Natural Snarbolax icon.png Replica Natural Snarbolax 2 Furniture
Furniture-Replica Shadowy Snarbolax icon.png Replica Shadowy Snarbolax 3 Furniture
Furniture-Jelly Gem icon.png Jelly Gem 1 Furniture
Furniture-Royal Jelly Crown icon.png Royal Jelly Crown 2 Furniture
Furniture-Replica Royal Jelly icon.png Replica Royal Jelly 3 Furniture
Furniture-Roarmulus Blueprints icon.png Roarmulus Blueprints 1 Furniture
Furniture-Small Replica Roarmulus Twin icon.png Small Replica Roarmulus Twin 2 Furniture
Furniture-Large Replica Roarmulus Twin icon.png Large Replica Roarmulus Twin 3 Furniture
Furniture-Almirian Seal icon.png Almirian Seal 1 Furniture
Furniture-Lord Vanaduke's Mask icon.png Lord Vanaduke's Mask 2 Furniture
Furniture-Lord Vanaduke's Finery icon.png Lord Vanaduke's Finery 3 Furniture


This machine was introduced with release 2012-12-12, at the same time as the Hunter's Lodge. The lodge is a guild hall room that requires the installation of both 3F Wing expansions.

The term "Armero Alchemy Machine" is community slang for the "Guild Alchemy Machine" located in the "Hunter's Lodge" room.

This machine contains recipes for trophies - a type of furniture which can be used to decorate a Guild Hall.

Only guild members may use this alchemy machine.
The machine does not require Orbs of Alchemy or energy like other alchemy machines.
When a piece of furniture is required for crafting the next level of furniture, that piece must be stored away in the guild treasury - not out on the floor of the Guild Hall.
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