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A Special Effect is an aesthetic property that is distinguishable from other aspects of an item.


Some items have more than one special effect. Sometimes an effect is only on one or a few areas of an entity, not the entire entity.

Graphics settings can change how some of these effects look, sometimes reducing them or even removing them entirely. This usually happens with sheen.

Some accessories that are essentially "special effects" can have a large impact on appearances. For example, the ghostly aura tends to shade your knight quite a bit.

Most accessories and weapons are technically "adamant." But it is unusual for an armor, helmet, or costume item to be adamant, and so we have a category for curious users looking for such things.


Editor Note Below is an elaborate sortable list. This show/hide contains information about how to use the list efficiently.
Name Example Description
Adamant Impostoclaus Hat-Equipped.png An item that doesn't have any prismatic aspects or seems to "ignore" the player's personal color.
Audible Steam Knight Mask-Equipped.png Entity makes an unusual noise or makes noises on its own (usually randomly).
Burning Dragon Scale Shield-Equipped.png Burning effects behave similarly to glowing and shedding, but are very specific to ember particles, flames, smoking, and so on.
Filmy Node Slime Mask-Equipped.png Jelly or gel-like, the entity seems to be covered with or has a translucent or transparent membrane, usually with interesting optic results.
Flashing Winter Pullover-Equipped.png Effects show up briefly, repeatedly.
Glowing Prismatic Com Unit-Equipped.png Light effects diffuse out in a haze, similar to a lantern in a fog.
Prismatic Tabard of the Prismatic Rose-Equipped.png Means the entity matches the player's Personal Color. Opposite of Adamant. "Prismatic" is actually a Color Pattern, but it is listed here for convenience.
Pulsing Arcane Salamander Mask-Equipped.png Light or another effect consistently shows up or animates in (slow) intervals.
Shedding Snowfall Aura-Equipped.png Particles of some type constantly fall or emanate around the entity.
Sheen Giga Shades-Equipped.png Light reflects off a surface in a constant manner, sometimes depending on the angle. Other terms: "glare."
Shining Sunshine Aura-Equipped.png Similar to glowing, but light effects are much more like sunlight or rays.
Shuddering Dread Wings-Equipped.png The entity fluctuates slightly but obviously in size or back and forth/up and down. Other terms: flickering, flux, twitching, vibrating.
Sparking Prismatic Voltaic Headset-Equipped.png Effects show up quickly, flashing, similar to (and sometimes as) electricity or fuses.
Trailing Rose Aura-Overworld.png Similar to shedding, but the particles also stay behind very for a while if the user moves.
Twinkling Twinkle Aura-Equipped.png Light glimmers, glitters, sparkles, etc. on its own.
Whirling Swiftstrike Buckler-Equipped.png Particles circle around a central point.

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