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This page is a special category page. Please do not try to edit it to add entries. The correct way to add things to the page is to use a category tag. Please see the style guide for the appropriate category tags and how to use them.

About Categories

  • This category is "special" because it uses a numeric ordering system to help players find items easily. Most categories are not (and should not) be organized this way.
  • Some templates automatically add categories for you.
  • Italicized links indicate pages that are redirected, likely to a list page with similar items.


"Audible" is a colloquial term describing a special effect.

Audible entities make noises on their own, usually randomly, and/or have a very special, usual sound effect.

Volume of this type of sound effect is controlled by the "Effect Volume" bar in the "General" section of the Options menu.

Most gear is not audible on its own (requiring the player to attack with, say, a sword for it to make noise). Battle Sprites make noises on their own.

Interestingly, the Love Puppy Monster Pocket at Bechamel's station occasionally barks, but the accessory available to players does not make audible sounds.

Items in this category have the "Audible" special effect in some way. This can be either subtle, obvious, or even both, depending on the item and gaming conditions.

The following chart clarifies the special category organization of the pages listed below.

  • "+" is used in category tags on accessory pages only if most of the accessories of a type have the effect. If there is only one or a few of a kind of accessory (Crown), or only one accessory out of many (Volcanic Dragon Wings) that have an effect, add the tag to the accessory's tooltip file. Only do this for one file per item.
  • Numbers are used in category tags on non-accessory pages only if most of the items have the effect. Otherwise, put the tag on an individual redirect page.
Item Organized With Icon
Accessory images or +
Costume (helmet) 1
Costume (armor) 2
Helmet 3
Armor 4
Shield 5
Bomb 6
Handgun 7
Sword 8
Battle sprite 9
Icon-battle sprite.png
Misc M
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