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This FAQ covers common issues related to playing Spiral Knights on Steam.

How do I log in to the website with my Steam account?

To login, click the green "Sign in through STEAM" button.

To log into the Spiral Knights website, to be able to use the Support Portal and post on the Forums with your Steam account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the 'Log In' link at the top center of the page.
  3. Above the username and password fields click the "Sign in through STEAM" button
  4. At the new sign-in page enter your Steam Username and Password
  • Make sure this page really is from Steam! The URL should start with "". If this is not the case do not sign in and send a mail to that something is wrong!
  1. follow any instructions Steam gives after clicking the log in button.
  2. Once sign in is complete you will be returned to and you should see a Steam ID number at the top of the screen that represents your Steam account. You are now logged in using your Steam account!

How do I log in to the wiki with my Steam account?

Currently you cannot log in to the wiki through a Steam account. As a temporary workaround, Steam users must create a separate web account through the Spiral Knights website in order to log in to the wiki and edit it.

How do I buy energy for Spiral Knights for a Steam account?

Please note that you can only purchase energy for Steam accounts through your Steam Wallet. If you have converted your Spiral Knights web account to a Steam account, you will no longer be able to play on the web account or make payments on it outside of Steam.

  1. Start Spiral Knights from Steam and select any character on your Steam account. Click on the energy icon in the lower right corner of your Spiral Knights screen.
    UI-Energy-meter new.PNG
  2. An Energy Depot popup will appear. Make sure the "Purchase" tab is selected. Use the dropdown to select the energy package you wish to purchase, then click on the "Checkout" button below it.
    Steam-Energy Depot-Purchase-dropdown.png
  3. A Steam Overlay will popup showing the details of your transaction and allowing you to complete the purchase. There will be an "Add Funds" button allowing you to add more funds to your Steam Wallet if necessary. If the overlay does not appear, see the instructions below.
    Steam-Energy Depot-Steam Transaction.png

Note: Some energy or expansion packages such as the Guardian Armor Pack or Operation Crimson Hammer are purchased as DLC from the Steam Store

The Steam Overlay/Wallet doesn't show up when trying to buy energy, what should I do?

If the Steam Overlay showing the details of your transaction does not show up, follow these directions.

  1. Go back to your Steam window (not the Spiral Knights window), click on "Steam" in the upper left corner, and select the "Settings" option in the dropdown.
  2. Click on the "In-Game" tab and then make sure that "Enable Steam Community In-Game" is checkmarked. Click on the OK button at the bottom.
  3. If your Spiral Knights screen is still saying "Authorizing via Steam..." under the Checkout button, use the X in the upper right to close the Energy Depot window and then click on the energy icon again to reopen the Energy Depot. You should now be able to purchase energy via Steam Wallet. If it still doesn't seem to be working, try restarting Spiral Knights.
Steam Knight Mask


Steam Knight Mask‎‎

Equipment-Steam Knight Mask icon.png

Players can get the Steam Knight Mask costume by inviting people to play Spiral Knights on Steam via the popup in-game. The popup appears when you enter the Clockworks from the Arcade and start at Depth 0. For each friend you invite that plays and reaches the Rescue Camp, you will receive a free Spark of Life for each. When the fifth friend reaches the Rescue Camp, you will receive a Steam Knight Mask.

If you are missing the Invite Steam Friends popups, see the instructions below.

Team Fortress 2 Spiral Sallet Hat

To receive the free Spiral Sallet Hat for use in Team Fortress 2, players running the game in Steam must reach the first Clockwork Terminal from any gate in the Haven Arcade and unlock the 'Mission Accomplished' achievement.

This TF2 Hat looks like the Spiral Knights Mighty Cobalt Helm. (Not the Spiral Knights Spiral Sallet).


Steam and Spiral Knights inventories are separate in the Steam Inventory interface.

Only one of each of a given Steam item can be unpacked per Steam account out of the Steam Inventory and into the Spiral Knights Inventory through Steam's services. Inventory (in Steam or Spiral Knights) is not limited to just one item. Check the Auction House or trade through Steam and/or in-game to obtain more of a desired item. See the Steam Market for item details.

Steam is a separate service connected to Spiral Knights, so inquiries concerning the steam inventory might have more success if directed through Steam Support in addition to the Support Portal of Spiral Knights.

Can I bind my existing Spiral Knights account to my Steam account?

Yes, you can, but please keep these points in mind before following the instructions below:

  • You are not required to do this, it is only for those who wish to do so.
  • This will allow you to log on automatically using the Steam client as well as to take advantage of Steam features such as achievements, voice chat, and invites. However, legacy achievements will not carry over to Steam.
  • You can only convert one web account over to your Steam account. Make sure you choose the right web account and Steam account as this cannot be undone.
  • If you have already created a knight using your Steam account, you must ensure that no more than three knights exist between that account and your web account.
  • Everything from your web account will be transferred to your Steam account. Don't worry about something being left behind.
  • You will no longer be able to log into the game using your web account, but you may still use it to access the forums and wiki.
  • All further energy purchases must be made through the in-game Steam Wallet as you will not be able to log into the web account.
  • Binding an existing Spiral Knights account to a Steam account cannot be undone.

Note: If you are running Linux, please note that because Steam runs on Linux but Spiral Knights only installs on Linux if it is outside of Steam, binding your web account to Steam is not a good idea, but is possible. See "Playing with Steam account natively on Linux" subsection.


  1. Install Spiral Knights through Steam (
  2. Start Spiral Knights from Steam. It will automatically bring you to character selection or creation for your Steam account.
    Steam-Play Spiral Knights.png
  3. Click on the Back button in the lower left corner or hit ESC and click on the "Logoff" button. You should get a login popup like this:
  4. Uncheck the Use Steam Account check box and enter in your Spiral Knights web account name and password. (If you are on a Mac and do not see this option, see the note at the end of this section.)
    Steam-Login-Uncheck Use Steam Account.png
  5. Click on Logon and you will be asked if you wish to convert your account to Steam. If you do not get the convert account popup, see the instructions below to change your options to show it again.
    Steam-Convert Account.png
  6. You will be prompted if you are sure that you wish to transfer your web account to the Steam account.
    Steam-Convert Account-Confirmation.png
  7. If you confirm to convert, it will complete the conversion and you will immediately be logged into the Steam account with your converted knights showing in the Select a Character screen.

Note: If you are using a Mac and do not get the "Use Steam Account" checkbox, you can try the workaround described in this post.

The "Convert Account" and/or "Invite Steam Friends" prompts do not appear, what should I do?

  1. Start Spiral Knights from Steam. Click on the Back button in the lower left corner or hit ESC and click on the "Logoff" button. You should get a login popup like this where you can click on the "Options" button in the middle.
  2. Click on the "Prompts" tab in the Options popup and make sure there is an X next to the option that you are looking for.

OSX Users Stuck with "Unavailable" Error

This appears to be a problem with Steam setting incorrect folder permissions. Here is a work-around:

  1. Open
  2. Type the following: cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/spiral\ knights
  3. Press Enter
  4. Then type: chmod +x
  5. Press enter

Spiral Knights should now launch normally from Steam.

Playing with Steam account natively on Linux

Warning This is an unofficial way and is not supported by the Grey Havens.

  1. Download Spiral Knights Linux installer from here
  2. Ensure that it's executable (chmod +x spiral-install.bin), run it and install the game
  3. You'll need to install an 32-bit Java package (java-1.8.0-openjdk.i686) as Linux client lacks a 64-bit version of which is required for Steam support
  4. To install the 32-bit Java, use apt, dnf/yum, pacman or any other equivalent software package manager for your Linux distribution
  5. Move installed 32-bit Java to game folder and rename it "java" (equivalent to java_vm on Windows) or create a link to Java folder with same name. Typically JVMs are installed to /usr/lib/jvm/
  6. Extract the content of this archive into your install folder, this will add a steamid file to the root, and a compatible version of libsteam to the natives folder
  7. Ensure that the Steam for Linux is running
  8. Run the game (./spiral)

Spiral Knights should now login using your Steam credentials

Installing the Test Client

Steam users can install the Testing Client by pasting steam://install/99920 into their browser's navigation bar and pressing enter.

  • The above Steam link works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, but not Chrome. If the link does not work for you:
    • Safari users can use the Open command to open the link: % open "steam://open/downloads"
    • Windows users can also bring up the run command dialogue (Windows + R or in Vista/7 or Start/All Programs/Accessories/Run) and enter the URL there.

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