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I don't think that adding the Battlepod from Grinchlin Assault is a good idea, yeah, it has the 'boss theme' playing during the fight but he is just another Battlepod. Not really a boss. What do you think about this, Novaster? - Sir Onox

It's not just another battlepod - it's much larger and has a lot of respawning adds and appears as the "same guy" with the same abilities every time (well as far as I know), and yeah, it has the boss music (a factor I don't really like for theme reasons but other editors like to consider it as a factor). Sure, sk just calls it a "battlepod," but we also saw this issue with the new "corrupted" tortos, so it's one of those cases where you have to consider more factors. It's "the really really big guy at the end of it all," and you the only way to get bossier than that in SK is to have token drops - hence I've described it as "miniboss." This page has it under "notable" battle pods, and it is definitely "notable." I honestly don't know why it isn't on the boss page yet, when other entities like the Ironwood Sentinel are - I mean, same logic. "It's just another (larger) lumber." The last time I tried to improve the boss page, one editor went to the forums about it, only a few people talked about it, and edits were made against what the general community wanted. I would definitely leave this one alone, besides completing the ? fields when the event rolls around again. I would like to return to the boss page with a clear set of identification rules we all agree on regarding entities like this battlepod, the ironwood sentinel, tortodrones, the punkin king, and so on. But not right now I have candy. -Novaster 14:29, 7 May 2015 (UTC)
True, I forgot that The Big Iron appears under the name of Battlepod too (Nick confirmed the official name in the Ghosts of the Machine update anyway) but the Battlepod of Grinch Assault is... really difficult to archive... it uses the boss theme, right, but it does the same role as The Big Iron (Mini-Boss), this can give me a headache. A funny fact is that the Ironwood Sentinel or the Collector never use the mini-boss theme and they are archived like that, but Seeing the new role of the Collector in Breaking in the Recruits mission I think that he is just a large enemy, same as the Gremlin Incinerator or the Big Toxoil, I mean... Looks that the Collector is not really a mini boss, but I like the way it is done the article right now. I don't know why the community is sometimes too agressive with the boss article in the wiki, seriously... - Sir Onox
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