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This page isn't editable by me at the moment, probably because it's official documentation, but it is important to note that the SHIFT key, to disable auto-aim, also applies to melee attacks, and can be important with swords with significant forward movement such as Cutter and Flourish when attacking along the edge of a hazard, such as a flame grate or spikes

Expert Default

It should be noted on this page of a control scheme used by most PC gamers, for the convenience of people who don't already know about it. That being:

  • WASD as Move North/West/South/East
  • Action as Left Mouse
  • Defend as Right Mouse

This control scheme allows players to move freely while aiming, be it sword or gun, and provides a much easier method of alternating between attacking and blocking. I bring this up now because I've recently noticed a long time player has never even heard of it, and it's pretty vital for the harder areas of Spiral Knights. Magnus 21:01, 31 October 2011 (UTC)

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