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Post-creation notes

I've been meaning to create this page for several years. I was finally pushed over the edge by too many "I'm a returning player, what is new?" threads. My intent is for this page to be a FAQ for them.

This page does not yet chronicle the introduction of Prize Box-only playable items such as Overcharged Mixmaster and Celestial Saber. Because those items influence player perceptions of "play to win", they should be mentioned.

Most updates (pre-2016-04, anyway) have both Announcements and Release/all pages. I have tended to favor the former, but there might be some exceptions, and maybe both should be linked. Jdavis (talk) 20:04, 22 July 2018 (UTC)

Review forums to try to pin down the stealth-nerfing of piercing sword length (2011? 2012?) and Radiant drop rates (2013 fall)? Jdavis (talk) 20:41, 22 July 2018 (UTC)

I've handled the piercing sword issue. And above I meant "pay to win", not "play to win". Jdavis (talk) 15:42, 30 August 2018 (UTC)
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