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A proud moment for me.

Hi. You're probably here for my guides to Spiral Knights:

Over the years I've started several other guides, which are too incomplete or outdated even to mention.

I started playing Spiral Knights shortly after the game launched in April 2011. I'm not the best player around, but I'm an advanced player who has observed many other advanced players. I've soloed all of the content except the Shadow Lairs and Margrel. I own a wide variety of 5-star weapons and armor, including at least one of each "style" and almost all swords.

Under the name Bopp, I've spent a lot of time on the forums and the wiki, learning the rules and items, giving advice, contributing data, writing wiki pages, etc. Sometimes people try to befriend Bopp in the game. However, this knight just works the forums and wiki, while my other knights do the playing. I keep them separate, so that conflicts from one world don't spill into the other. Please don't be upset when I don't respond to friend requests in the game.

Some knights, whom I admire for forum posts, wiki editing, and research, include Donkeyhaute, Fehzor, Fradow, Glacies, Gwenyvier, Juances, Katmint, Krakob, Novaster, Sir-Onox, Skepticraven, Trying, and Zeddy.

Happy travels.

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