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Construct Family
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Damage Resistances
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Tortodrones are a type of monster found in the Clockworks.


The Tortodrone is a massive, bipedal, robotic tortoise. Most frequently, they're encountered slowly patrolling corridors in the Clockworks. Nobody knows what they're searching for or guarding against, because they will completely ignore Knights and monsters alike, unless provoked. Similarly, nobody knows their origin. They weren't created by the Gremlins, and the Strangers only offer vague theories of a mysterious ancient civilization.

Tortodrones are being called on the Long Migration. Even the Strangers do not know the reasons for this mysterious event but these giant, robotic tortoises can be glimpsed traveling through the clockworks.


Tier 2 & 3

  • Stomp Attack normal icon.png
  • Charge Attack normal icon.png Icon status stun.png
  • Rock Missiles Attack normal icon.png Attack elemental icon.png Icon status stun.png Icon status shock.png
  • Lodged Rock Missiles Attack elemental icon.png Icon status shock.png
Location Drops

A corrupted Tortodrone inflicted by the Devilites activities using Dark Matter minerals in it. They are more aggresive and will attack to the knights after appearing in battle.


The Ancient Grove is arguably one of the most difficult boss fights in the game. The Tortodrones' charge attack not only makes Tortodrones difficult to hit with melee weapons, but also with gun charges or bombs. There are jagged edges of the room which they appear in, so a lack of caution can result in players being corner-locked by a charging Tortodrone in a way not unlike Trojans. The shockwave from their groundpound has a limited speed and thus will damage and stun players entering its radius after the attack is performed. When it is performing its Rock Missile attack, it is the most vunerable to attack. However, care should be taken that you are not in the radius of the falling Rock Missiles. These lodge themselves into the ground for a period of time and can provide a nasty shock to those too slow, distracted, or unfortunate to be near them, especially the initial collision with the ground which is far larger than the rocks themselves. A Tortodrone at close range facing a Knight will attempt to Drill Punch them, doing a large amount of damage and knocking them back quite a distance.


A normal Tortodrone.
  • Various Scenario Rooms feature dead (or sleeping) Tortodrones.
  • A large group of normal Tortodrones can be seen after finishing the March of the Tortodrones mission, they are not fought directly.
  • Tortodrones were originally well associated with the guaranteed drop of a Stone Tortoise, something that occurred when they were in the game during the Preview Event. Following this trend, they now will always drop at least 1 Ancient Shell.

Historical notes

  • On release 2014-02-26, the Tortodrone has made a return along with a new ancient promotion.

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