Treasure Mimic

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Treasure Mimic
Monster-Treasure Mimic.png
  • Ground pound Attack normal icon.png
  • Swipe Attack normal icon.png
Weak to
  • Attack shadow icon.png Shadow damage
Resistant to
  • ???


The Treasure Mimic is a slime disguised as a big treasure box of some sort located beneath the Treasure Vaults themselves.




The entire arena is open, save for two short barriers at the north and south of the boss, allowing you to focus more on dispatching enemies and less on moving around obstacles. The entire fight can be finished without having to walk through the upper half of the room at all, as well as the fact that you see less of the area on the top half of the arena, so it is best to just stay on the front side of the boss. The Treasure Mimic itself is surrounded by tentacles that all have a very large amount of health, and are spaced so that no bullets can slip between them. There are also Monster Garages that spawn Slime Drops to keep you on your toes at all times.


As the boss is surrounded by respawning tentacles for nearly the entire fight, it is recommended you use something that can pierce through multiple enemies. The swords that can do this are the charge attacks in the Brandish lines, the Divine Avenger and Gran Faust, and the guns that do the same are the Antigua lines, and the Magnus/Tundrus lines. Anything else will likely not reach the main body, as the tentacles are slightly spaced away from it. Even if one of the tentacles are taken out, another will burst from the ground to block any shots approaching, preventing it from reaching its intended target. You will also need to deal with the constant spawning of Slime Drops of the corresponding stratum and theme, which respawn every few seconds in groups of three, and are close enough to automatically be in range to move in and attack. The Gran Faust is a very good weapon for clearing the hordes of Slime Drops you face, as it will defeat them in one or two hits at all depths, with the range to hit multiple at once.

It takes a very small amount of damage to flinch the boss, so it is always best to attack when you can and prevent any oncoming attacks.

In this fight, your best bet is anything from the Magnus line or the Tundrus line, as they have a high damage output, pierce through multiple targets, and hit multiple times with each projectile. Secondary weapon choice should be any sword from the Brandish line, particularly the Nightblade line and its upgrades, as the boss is weak to shadow damage (this also applies to the Tundrus line). Using a sword is a bit riskier, as the boss has a melee attack that can take quite a large percentage of your health if you are not careful, and the shockwave can be difficult to escape if it is sent out before your own charge.

Third priority would be the Antigua lines. Antigua charges fire five bullets into the tentacles, which is not that useful, but the sixth bullet is a large penetrative shot that hits multiple times in the same manner as Magnus and Tundrus charges. The first five shots can even catch Slime Drops if you position it right. If you have an Antigua and are in a party, there are certain spots where you can shoot between the tentacles and flinch the boss out of any attacks it may be starting, as the blocking tentacle sometimes will not come out to block the shot. This will aid the rest of the party if you can consistently flinch the boss out of its attacks.

Any bombs placed inside the large coloured square around the boss will be destroyed before they explode, so bombs will not work against this boss.


In order to actually survive the fight, you will need to watch where you stand. All hazards are on the floor, so watch your feet and step carefully. The Slime Drops shouldn't pose too much of a threat, as they don't spawn fast enough to consistently stop your charges. However, the shockwaves the boss releases on the floor are very dangerous, sometimes hitting more than once. You can block them, but if you're charging, you must let the charge go to block the hit. You also should not attempt to bait out a melee attack for extra time to charge, as the boss will still likely release a shockwave attack, regardless of your proximity to it.

This boss has a very large health pool, so persistence is the key to beating it. There are no phases to this boss fight, so just keep repeating the same strategy, and you'll eventually get through it.


The Treasure Mimic was added to the game in release 2019-06-27.

This monster has a rare chance to drop a Misplaced Promissory Note after being defeated.


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