Treasure Vault

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Treasure Vault
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Important stratum themes:
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The Treasure Vault is a region. Regions categorize levels with similar characteristics that have been incorporated into the Clockworks.


No gate icon description for this region.


Treasure Vault are levels found only on randomized floors, alongside Graveyards and Treasure Troves.

It contain a special treasure box of purple color instead of the usual green and red, these are like red treasure boxes but have a chance of turning in a Baby Mimic. If you kill it, the drop would be a treasure box's loot.

At the end of this floor, you will encounter a new miniboss, Treasure Mimic.


In many of the randomized floors you may find Monster Garages and Echo Blocks. These exploration entities are unique to this floor.

Along with the Treasure Mimic, Razors are also an unique monster of this floor.



All levels have the following monsters:

Instead of linking to individual geography subpages, level data is listed here:

Obscurity Through Security

Burn Rate

Frozen Assets

Toxic Debt

Flash Crash


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